Because you should feel

confident & radiant

on your wedding day

wedding fitness that helps you get in the best shape of your life


 on the special day you are involved in and

goals of looking your best, while also feeling your best 

confidence so you can accomplish your personal fitness

we believe bridal fitness should be


background player, we want bridal members to feel good for the special day they are a part of.

center of the show or a






we believe bridal fitness should be                               
confidence so you can accomplish your personal fitness goals of looking your best, while also feeling your best on the special day you are involved in and                          

we want bridal members to feel good for the special day they are a part of.

center of the show or a background player,

..But how are you going to be there for her when you’re busy juggling your own commitments and don’t know the best way to help with everything? Your self-health has taken a hit sharing the spotlight and you’ve grown more self-conscious for looking AND feeling your best for her on her special day. I’m here to help!

Let’s figure yourself out first by establishing a healthy workout routine and diet so you will be the best possible friend you can be for her on her special day AND beyond!

Your sweet friend is getting married! You’re SO excited for her. You want to be the best bridesmaid for her and be sure she has the...


...But what are you going to wear? You don’t feel confident dressing up, but want to look and feel your best for her special day. While I can’t help you pick out your dress, I CAN help you achieve looking AND feeling your best for your daughter’s special day.

Let’s come up with a fitness plan that’s custom, just for you! No matter what your fitness level, I’m here to help you crush your goals and set you up for not only looking and feeling wonderful for her special day, AND beyond!

Your little girl is tying the knot!  You couldn't be happier. You want to make sure everything is just right so she has the...

mother of the bride

...But since the initial excitement has worn off, the stress and overwhelm have hit you like a brick where the excitement used to be. I’m here to help! Let’s get out of that funk, get moving, and eat well so you really can look AND feel your best for when your special day comes.

Ready to take charge of your health and feel like a new, healthier you for your wedding AND beyond? Let’s get to work!

You said yes! The peanut butter to your jelly. The one who knows you like the back of their hand. Your better half got down on one knee, proposed and you said YES! You're excited to have the...

the bride

wedding Fitness is for...

best. day. ever.

best. day. ever.

best. day. ever.

yes please!

Sound good?

...and more!

flexible workout schedule

digital workouts

1:1 Progress check-ins

day-of wedding relaxation

custom-made packages

Let's change that with...





but now you're feeling...

You are so excited

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My ultimate goal is to leave you feeling stronger, more empowered, and invincible during your fitness and nutrition journey! Now, let's get started so you can feel more radiant and beautiful than ever!

I'm known as the go-to girl for helping women reach their fitness goals for their wedding. I have been redefining the art of fitness and nutrition coaching for over 10 years. As a certified personal trainer and health coach, I have tried various methods to help individuals reach their health and wellness goals. The PERFECT wedding workout plan concentrates on tangible results, compassion, and empowerment, which is exactly what I focus on with my clients!

Fitness should not feel like boot camp; you should enjoy your transformation process. With my unique and results-driven methodology, I will help you develop the skills and confidence needed to reach your wedding workout goals without overwhelming routines or unhealthy tactics.

I aim to inspire you to achieve your goals and help you avoid burning out while doing so. I am your go-to girl if you're looking for a kind, gentle, and judgment-free coach.

I'm Stephanie Thomas


You deserve to look and feel your best!


"I used to feel unhappy, unfit, unmotivated. Working with Steph was the best decision.. now I have a positive mindset and I’m taking small steps and gaining confidence! I’m continuing to keep the weight off even after my wedding.

Initially I was on the fence because I wanted to work with someone face-to-face but I was so happy to realize the accountability was still there even though it was online! I loved the flexibility of completing the workouts on my own time. Book a call and give it a shot - you won't regret it!! Brides especially!!"


"When I was thinking about how I want to look on my wedding day, I knew I needed help to hit my fitness goals so I can really see a change in my abs and legs. Stephanie has been amazing and has helped me stay motivated to work out. I’m so glad I chose to work with her because now I’m in the best shape I have ever been. I actually enjoy working out and eating healthy thanks to Stephanie’s programs! Just go for it!! You won’t regret it."


"Being in Steph's program meant I started to love my new body for what I realized it was capable of doing! I loved knowing that there is a community of brides who are in the same boat as me. It was very encouraging. It is really nice to have a set routine versus wondering what you are going to target that day. The program makes it very easy to hit necessary areas without you even needing to put any thought into it. I also love that so long as you have a few dumbbells, you can do every workout from home. It is not just about the workouts, but about having the encouragement along the way to stay motivated."


"If you’re considering a wedding fitness program, I say go for it!! I have an incredibly busy and stressful job and was struggling with weight loss and physical/mental health. I was also low on energy from the restrictive diets id been on. Thanks to the program, I am stronger and more motivated to achieve my health and fitness goals!

Stephanie helped me learn it's ok to eat fruits and healthy carbs and the foods I actually like! She is kind, supportive, and also so realistic and down to earth! She never made me feel bad for missing a workout. Instead, she gently motivated me to get back at it and then celebrated me when I did! I'm excited to reach my goals and am definitely continuing the Bride Groups program until my wedding day!  "

-Heather P.

"I have worked with Stephanie before and what I love about her is she keeps her word. If she says she offers support, you're going to get her support. She will believe in you, listen to your gripes, give realistic input and throw truth and tough love at you."


“Once I spoke with her on the phone, I was sold. She was so positive and kind. She always kept me focused and encouraged me on the days I began to fall behind.
I couldn’t have done it without her. I have previously tried other programs but I wouldn’t stick to it. When she would check in and keep me accountable, I felt it was the most beneficial."


"Before I started working with Stephanie, I was uncomfortable and lacking confidence. Now I feel much lighter, much more confident, and 3 kgs lighter. 

Stephanie has helped me actually do the workout not put it off. My program has made my relationship better as I wasn't feeling so rubbish about myself. 

I would tell anyone who wants to results to definitely do it, Stephanie is an amazing trainer with great knowledge and information for getting fit and losing weight."


"Prior to starting my program, I was defeated and unmotivated. I was scared to fail and scared it would be too hard. But I’m so glad I reached out to Stephanie for help! I have more motivation now and I feel so much better about myself. I would tell a bride-to-be to just DO IT! Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable, super supportive, and understanding."

-Megan H.

“When I met Stephanie, I was looking to find a way to incorporate fitness into my life. As a mother of two toddlers and being overweight my entire life, I knew it was time to make a change to improve my life and to make a positive impact on my children. I was looking for a fitness guide that would be easy to follow and could be completed at home to fit into my busy schedule. Before this fitness program, I felt tired and unmotivated. This challenge has made me feel better about myself and more comfortable in my own skin. It’s so easy to follow and makes me look forward to exercising! I love all the tips Stephanie includes to make this program work for me. I still have a ways to go in my weight loss journey, but this program has helped me get started. I really look forward to following this plan every day! It has also impacted my entire family because we take the time to complete this program together.”


"I’m very proud of myself for following the program and getting stronger. I’ve lost 15 lbs while working with Stephanie! I’m way more active and more comfortable in my clothes. Just do it, it’s so worth it!"

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kind words from our bridal babes:

bridal babes:

kind words from our

A guide to the creation of a healthy, strong, and fit body you are excited to show off!


The motivation to achieve your fitness goals BEFORE your big day


The confidence and support you need to feel your best on your wedding day


Bridal Body Fitness,
you will get...

confidence and beauty?

make sure those photos

i told you that you could

and beauty?


you that you could make sure those photos

i told

Confused about how and where to begin your fitness journey


Alone in trying to balance a healthy lifestyle


Insecure and worried about your appearance


an effective plan, you may feel...


The way you look on your wedding day will be forever held in the photos captured of you in your dress.

I want to join!

My Signature wedding workout program is designed for brides like you looking to get healthy and fit before their wedding day.

My online program offers an effective fitness plan with motivation and accountability. Along with that, you'll get nutrition advice and the wonderful support of 10 other brides in a group chat.

Bridal Body Fitness is a value-filled,  personal, and effective way for you to get tangible results that you’ll be happy with on your wedding day!

the signature wedding workout program!

Bridal Body Fitness


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I didn't have any direction or confidence when it came to my health and fitness. It felt like an excuse and it WAS an excuse. I was uneducated and used that as a reason to not change my diet and to not challenge myself in fitness at all.

Before working with Stephanie, I was very passive when it came to fitness and overall health. I KNEW I was going to get into shape eventually but I was waiting until I found the right thing that would work for me.

Now, I’m extremely focused and I have a confidence in my workouts I've never ever had before. I have asthma which was a major deterrent when it came to any kind of cardio. I can now run for several minutes in a row and every week it gets easier and easier. I would never have known how to get to this place on my own...

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Ready to build a body you


Ready to build a body you


Ready to build a body you



Ready to build a body you



wedding workout tips!

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