Hey there! Thanks so much for following along with our social media. We want to be clear about some limitations of our social media content so that we can all be on the same page. The purpose of this Social Media Disclaimer is to inform you of those limitations, and to let you know other important details about our social media content.

This Social Media Disclaimer applies to all of Stephanie Thomas Fitness’ social media content, including but not limited to:
Instagram: @stephaniethomasfitness
Facebook: @stephaniethomasfitness
Pinterest: @stephaniethomasfitness

Please note that while we try to keep this Social Media Disclaimer as current as possible, we may come out with a new social media account before we update this document. If you come across one of our social media accounts, but don’t see it listed here, please understand that this disclaimer still applies.

1. Not Personalized Information or Medical Advice.
We provide content on our social media for your benefit. That said, the information provided is not specifically customized for you. Everybody is different, so what we suggest or highlight on our social media may not be right for you. Also, the information we provide isn’t medical advice. Nothing on our social media is designed to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any physical or mental disease or injury. When making decisions about your health, it is always best to consult a variety of sources, obtain personalized info, and consult your doctor or other medical professional when appropriate.

2. Release of Liability.
It is your choice whether to engage with our social media; and your health decisions are your responsibility. By viewing or interacting with our social media, you agree to release, hold harmless, and waive any claims against Stephanie Thomas Fitness, its officers, members, directors, employees, contractors, or affiliates with regard to any of our social media content, or any injury or other damages you may sustain in relation to such content.

For example, if we suggest a certain food or supplement, you try it, and it turns out you had an unknown allergy, you agree not to sue us. Or if we post an exercise and you try to follow along and hurt yourself, you agree not to sue us. These are only two examples out of millions of types of lawsuits, and we cannot list them all. The bottom line is that you agree not to sue us for any reason with respect to our social media. If you do not agree with this, please do not interact with our social media content.

3. Affiliate Links.
We may choose to post a recommendation or link to a product or service we like. When we do so, please assume that we are compensated when our readers click on the link or purchase the product or service. We only post about things that we believe in and feel would be a benefit to you.

4. Not Approved by the FDA.
Just because we post about a product or service, that does not mean it has been evaluated or approved by the FDA or any other regulatory body. In fact, it is best to assume that it has not been evaluated or approved, unless we specifically state otherwise.

5. Reach Out.
Please feel free to connect with Stephanie Thomas Fitness to ask us any questions. All communications should be directed to

With Love, 

Stephanie Thomas Fitness