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Ready to bring your dream of a sculpted stomach to life? In this free guide, you’ll discover the 6 abs exercises that will strengthen your core to get a lean and sculpted stomach.

Six Moves for a Tight Core

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Ready to feel confident in your wedding dress? In this free guide, you’ll discover the 6 upper body exercises that take only 10 minutes to complete.

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You aren't meant to be on a fitness journey alone! Join the official community page of Stephanie Thomas Fitness! This is my free community page where I share nutrition, fitness, and overall health information. You will receive daily motivation, weekly suggested meal plans, and monthly calendars.


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This constant contact and accountability with me will accelerate your consistency & compliance to the program — the two main variables that hold back many people from seeing results.

You will accomplish this consistency by getting weekly coaching check-in calls and having access to text me about anything you need.

Online coaching is more than getting workouts or a program. I take a whole approach to you achieving your goals by being in charge of your workouts and nutrition. This will lead to consistency in your workouts and good nutrition choices.

But my coaching is soo much more than that! Yes, I will be in charge of designing your workouts and creating what you need to get to your goals. I’ll even keep you accountable with your nutrition and I’ll help you improve your eating habits. My main goal as your coach is to instill in you the knowledge you need to do this on your own.

It’s like having a personal trainer in your pocket 24/7.

what is online coaching?


I believe working out alone at home is safe when you focus on the proper form of each exercise. I suggest you start slowly and do not try to progress your weight too quickly. Taking it slow as a beginner is key. If you have questions, reach out to me and I will help! And if you choose to do personal training sessions, they will be completely customized to your needs!

I always recommend that you check with your physician before starting any exercise program.

I’ve never exercised before. Are your programs safe for me?


which should i do first;
cardio or weights?

Similar to many topics in the fitness industry, there will be people who advise doing cardio before weight training, and others will advise you to complete your weight training session before doing cardio. Personally, I enjoy getting my cardio session over with first. Cardio is harder for me mentally, so I like to get it done. It also boosts my mood after I am finished with the exercise, so I am more motivated to continue exercising. I love going for a run and then doing a weight training session. My muscles are warmed up and I feel ready to lift. So, my suggestion is to find what works for you. Try both and see what you enjoy more. I don’t think there is one right answer. The right answer is what works for you.

It depends.


How quickly will I see the results of my training?

What I mean by feeling your workouts is that you may feel sore for a few days after your training session. This is normal; you are using muscles you may not have used in a while and your body is adjusting to your new workouts. When you are consistently exercising with me, you could start seeing positive changes in your sleep and mood. This could happen within the first few weeks of exercising. After several weeks to months, you may notice your body composition begin to change. Remember, this is a process. It takes time to develop healthy habits and to stay consistent with them. I help my clients enjoy the process and not focus on their goal weight as the end result. Fitness is a lifestyle and I can help you make it part of your lifestyle!

You will first feel the results of your workouts and then you will start seeing them!


Do I need to purchase expensive equipment?

However, if you are doing one of my home workout programs, you will need basic equipment like a few pairs of dumbbells, a yoga mat, and a foam roller. You do not need a lot of equipment or a lot of space to get in an effective workout with me.

No, there is no need to purchase any equipment until we have met for your consultation.


How often can I speak with Steph?

I think it is extremely important for online personal trainers to be accessible. I’m only a text message, email, or phone call away. If you enjoy and require maximal motivation and support, it is best to have weekly personal training sessions. Also, make sure to join the free Facebook community where you can get in touch with others in the

You can contact me any time!



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