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Here I have curated a collection of valuable resources and favorite things to support you on your bridal fitness journey. I believe that every bride deserves to feel confident, strong, and radiant on her special day. Whether you're looking for fitness tips, nutrition guidance, or inspiration, I got you covered.

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Healthy Holiday Recipes

Your Healthy Holiday-Inspired One-Dish Meals ebook contains recipes for:

  • Delicious breakfasts
  • Filling lunches
  • Comforting dinners
  • Bonus “extras” for entertaining (or any time!) 

Ready to enjoy some classic holiday flavors — but with a delicious, healthy spin? 

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Highly Recommended

Wellness Resources

Thistle Meal Delivery

Thistle provides fresh and nutrient packed ready-made meals that are truly delicious! They make it effortless to eat well while you are busy planning your wedding.

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Primally Pure

I personally use this skincare brand exclusively. It's hands-down my top recommendation for brides looking for visible results. The products are all natural so you can truly glow on your big day.

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Wellbeing Bundle

The Five Minute Journal Fit Edition and Mindful Well-Being Affirmation Cards are amazing tools for staying mindful and prioritizing health. The affirmation cards are by far the best.


Legion Athletics

When it comes to fitness supplements, I trust Legion Athletics for their high-quality products that are backed by science and formulated to support your fitness goals.

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My favorite store for premium activewear. Their clothes combine style, comfort, and performance. I love that I can wear their clothes almost anywhere.


Calm App

I listen to the Daily Calm meditation, every day. I highly recommend this app to clients looking for relaxation, better sleep, or a daily meditation practice. 


My personal favorites

Home Gym Essentials

Whether you're just starting out or looking to upgrade your workout space, I've got you covered. I'm excited to share with you the equipment I personally have in my own home gym and highly recommend. My workout programs are designed to deliver maximum results with minimal equipment - usually just dumbbells and an optional booty band. I'm also sharing my favorite extras to help you complete your home gym setup!

Dumbbell Set

A must have for any STF program. This set feels nice and grippy.

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Adjustable DB Set

This set will ensure you are able to progress your workouts!

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Fabric Booty band

Level up from the rubber booty bands! You WILL feel the burn now.

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Yoga mat

An essential for feeling comfy during any floor exercise.

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resistance bands

This set includes all the attachments you need! It's super versatile.

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An adjustable bench is amazing for leveling up your exercises.

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Adjustable up to 40 lbs - it's so convenient for small spaces.

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Foam roller

The perfect tool to use post-workout or on a rest day.

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You need these if you really want to add intensity to leg & ab exercises!

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Just like many of you, I rely on Amazon for a majority of my shopping. Explore my curated selection of favorites, including wedding items, cozy home essentials, comfy clothes, and even goodies for your pup.

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Most Recent Reads

I love reading books and I'm always eager for recommendations! Shoot me a message on IG with your favorite reads! :)


Get motivated to work out with our Spotify playlists!

Picture yourself stepping into the gym (or home gym!), and as the music starts playing, you can’t help but feel the need to start moving. That's instant motivation! My carefully curated playlists offer a diverse mix of genres and tracks, including my favorite Latin songs, to keep you moving and feeling energized.

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Elevate your wedding planning experience with our exclusive online support groups just for brides!

Our online wedding communities are more than just Facebook Groups. They are vibrant spaces where brides come together to connect, support, and uplift one another throughout their wedding journeys. They're perfect if you're looking for advice, inspiration for your wedding theme, or simply need a listening ear. Join a supportive, safe space as you plan your dream wedding.

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