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A happy and healthy life doesn't need to be complicated, overwhelming or feel like a chore - it can be realistic and totally doable. Steph’s laid-back approach will show you how! After spending the last 10 years trying all types of workout plans and routines, she’s literally tried it all.

Steph has learned what workouts are the most effective for women and which ones are just a fad. So she’s done all the hard work for you and has created an affordable plan that will deliver results in just 30-40 minutes a day! Her plans include the best of the best at-home routines, which include targeted step-by-step daily workouts.

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Meet Steph,

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As your trainer, my goal is to help you develop healthy habits and confidence to reach all of your fitness and nutrition goals. My workouts are customized to your specific goals, interests and current fitness level. My training style is supportive, positive, motivational, and educational. My clients mean the world to me, whether center of the show as the bride or a background player for a special day; my goal is to help you achieve your fitness goals and have fun throughout the process!

how can you help me?

”It’s never too early or too late to work towards becoming your healthiest self”

what's your favorite quote?

Weight Management Specialist, Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Health Coach, Certified Nutrition Coach, Yoga Teacher, and former Miss Maryland Teen USA

what's your background?

Fast Facts!

I'm ready!

Doing what you’ve been doing so far won’t get you where you want to be. To get to your goals, you need a custom plan designed for your specific needs and it doesn’t have to be as hard as you think it is. Let’s add some FUN to saying YES to putting your health first, just as you did when you decided to be a part of that oh-so-special day you can’t wait for! 

why the time is now:

I spend time customizing each client's program and don't do any cookie-cutter programs as many other coaches do. I truly care about my client's success. I have experience with so many different workout programs, worked with celebrity trainers, and have been a bride myself. I know what really works to see results for your big day! 

which brings me to you:

Health and fitness have been such a huge part of my life and it has helped me with my mental health (anxiety, depression), and I want other women to see the benefits from it too! Working out for my wedding was really special to me, and I love helping women feel beautiful and confident on their big day.  

why i do what i do:

Through years of experience with almost every type of fitness program you can think of. I, too, was tired of workout programs that did not live to their expectations. My goal is to provide you with the proper tools and fitness education so you can feel confident and love your fitness routine. Health and fitness are not just getting to your goal body. It is about your overall well-being. This includes your sleep patterns, nutrition habits, and mental health.

why was it created?

For the overwhelmed bride who just wants to look and feel her best, the supportive bridesmaid who wants to be there for her friend in the best way she can, and the mother of the bride, who is tired of starting and stopping workout programs because they don’t work.

who is it for?

My unique approach to every workout class you will take with me. I use it in my personal training sessions and my Weight Training Guide (coming very soon!). The ST Method combines cardio and weight training for maximum health progression. I teach classic exercises and integrate them into your weekly plan so you work every muscle group. Not only do I focus on giving you the very best workouts, but I help you care for your mental and emotional health. You will feel perfectly balanced in every way!

what is it?



How I do things different


I've always had a 
for animals. WHich is why...

deep love


I became a Business Ambassador for the ASPCA, so I could donate to a cause that is super special to me.


I'm                with chocolate croissants, muffins, & fresh bread.



I could literally live on warm bread and olive oil!


My husband and i met in middle school. we had a destination wedding in

Punta Cana


I grew up in                    and come from a 100% Bulgarian family.



Gingerbread cookies are my               holiday treat



Wilton's gingerbread houses are my favorite because the taste brings back so many childhood memories


i still build a gingerbread house (or two) every christmas



Won the
Teen USA 2012 pageant

Miss Maryland


dog mom of       cavalier king
charles spaniels,


Lady & Bo

fun facts

Time for Q&A

Extra wedding cake.. of course.

Best wedding after party snack?

Maybe not a traditional celebrity, but I love Jasmine Star (and she knows it!) and I know she would have been the life of the party at my wedding!

Dream celebrity wedding guest?

Ask for things you really want to have or don’t yet have! My list included a quality knife set, cordless vacuum cleaner, wedding collage picture frame, CorningWare bakeware set, and small and large white plate sets (and these are all lovely gifts we received from friends and family!)

Top 5 wedding registry must-haves?

As a former pageant girl, I naturally loved trying on wedding dresses the most.. And of course finding “the one”! :)

Favorite part of wedding planning?

I might be biased since it was my first dance song, but I LOVE “Stranger In the Night” by Frank Sinatra.

What’s your all-time favorite wedding song?

It’s true that you will KNOW when you’ve tried on that perfect dress for YOU. It’s so cliche, but you really just know when it’s the one.

Best advice for brides-to-be?

I'll see you in there!

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