Get wedding day confident with 30-minute workouts + access to your own fitness and nutrition coach—me!

Crush your body goals by your wedding day.

Start Sweating for the Wedding with Bridal Body Fitness™

It's time you found a fitness plan that works for you, to help you feel better both physically and mentally for your big day. You deserve that.

Imagine stepping into your wedding day feeling light, confident, and completely amazing. Your dress fits like a dream, hugging you in all the right places. You’re glowing from the inside out, and every step you take down the aisle is a statement of your grace and self-assurance.

This isn’t just any other day; this is YOUR day, and you’re living it as the best version of yourself. With Bridal Body Fitness, this vision is not just attainable; it’s right around the corner.

Unlock the Best Version of You Before Saying 'I Do


"To brides who are considering this program, I say do it, Stephanie's program is the most sustainable workout program I've ever done."

The allure of quick fixes and fad diets is hard to resist, especially when time is ticking down to the wedding day. Yet deep down, you know these are not sustainable or healthy solutions.

Quick Fix Temptations

You want to nourish your body but getting lost in the sea of diet trends and feel unsure of what will provide the results you crave without depriving you of the joy of eating.

Nutritional Confusion

It's easy to feel deflated when progress is slow or when a workout routine becomes monotonous. This makes the road to your fitness goals feel like a tiresome chore rather than an empowering journey.

Lack of Motivation

The pressure to adhere to societal expectations of a 'perfect bridal body' can lead to a cycle of restrictive diets and extreme workout regimes, which not only are unsustainable but can sap the joy out of your beautiful journey towards marriage. 

Unrealistic Expectations

Between venue visits, dress fittings, and the myriad other to-dos on your wedding checklist, carving out time for regular workouts seems nearly impossible.

Time Constraints

Facing These Challenges? You’re Not Alone…

Nutrition doesn’t have to be complex. A simple, realistic guide can help you make smart food choices while still enjoying the wedding cake tastings and dinner trials. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

A Simple and Realistic Guide for Nutrition

With so much on your plate, having someone to keep you on track with your fitness goals is a game-changer. A little nudge here, a cheer there, and voila, you’re closer to your goal day by day.

Accountability and Motivation

Your wedding prep is already a full-time job, so your workouts need to slide into your schedule. 

Workouts That Fit Your Schedule

You know you need:

Bridal Body Fitness is more than just a workout routine—it's your personal guide to feeling strong, confident, and radiant on your big day. With strategic workouts, motivational support, and nutrition coaching whenever you need it, it fits seamlessly into your pre-wedding hustle. As the big day approaches, think of Bridal Body Fitness as your companion in celebrating every stride you make towards feeling your absolute best.

Bridal Body Fitness™

so let me introduce:

Complete your workouts any day of the week—whether at home or at the gym, minimal equipment is all you need!

With video demonstrations for each exercise to guide you, and a schedule featuring 2 upper body, 2 lower body strength sessions, and an optional core/conditioning day, your fitness journey is mapped out for success.

Flexible, Results-Driven Workout Plan



What you get:

New recipes introduced with each training phase, nutrition coaching when you need it, and the option to track meals and macros to align with your fitness goals.

Tailored Nutrition Support



Got a question? I’m just a message away! With unlimited support via direct message and voice message, it's like having a personal trainer right in your pocket, ready to assist whenever needed.

Unlimited Direct Support



Heading on vacation or wanting to amp up your routine? Access bonus vacation and core workouts whenever you want. Track every sweat session in the app and watch your progress in real-time.

Bonus Workouts




Ignite a love for your new healthy lifestyle that lasts beyond your wedding day.


Get motivational support from your certified trainer as you are sweating for the wedding.


Develop an enjoyable fitness routine that fits your pre-wedding schedule.


Discover nutritious, tasty meals with personalized nutrition coaching.


Uncover a stronger, more toned you, ready to shine on your big day.



How does this sound?

— Rachel

I dropped 18 pounds [in 3 months], but more importantly, I sculpted muscles with a specific focus on my chest, back, arms, and booty. 

These achievements made me feel incredibly happy and confident in my wedding dress and continue to empower me to maintain these positive changes well beyond the wedding.

Working with Stephanie was absolutely worth it—I'd make the same choice again without hesitation."

“I achieved everything I asked for and more with Stephanie's help :)

“I had been feeling so burnt out with my content and literally one session with Athena changed everything.

I'm baby organic authentic skateboard microdosing waistcoat, vinyl sartorial. Bodega boys street art four dollar toast.


Reach your body goals by your wedding day with me by your side

Step 3

Receive your welcome email & download the app. Your fitness journey kicks off the following Monday!

Step 2

Choose your package - 3, 6, or 12 months - and sign up!

Step 1


"My overall lifestyle has thrived because I feel better about myself!"

"Stephanie has been amazing and has helped me stay motivated to work out. I’m so glad I chose to work with her because now I’m in the best shape I have ever been."

so let's get started now!

As you count down to your wedding day, every positive step taken today brings you closer to feeling fabulous and confident as you walk down the aisle. 

- Rebecca

"I loved the flexibility of completing the workouts on my own time."

- Katerina

"The program makes it very easy to hit necessary areas without needing to put any thought into it."

- Sandy

"Stephanie is one of the most helpful coaches I have ever worked with. She is truly happy for you and wants you to feel your best. "


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12 months of BBF


bride favorite!

select the plan that works for your wedding timeline:


6 months of BBF

3 months of BBF

$990 USD
(Get two months free)

$495 USD
(Get one month free)

$297 USD

Get direct support from your personal trainer whenever you need it

Have the motivation to work out and get into a solid routine

Gain confidence in your workout routine because you KNOW it delivers results

Work out at home or at the gym - all you need is dumbbells, and a booty band is optional!

Have the flexibility to work out on your own schedule

Know the exact workouts you need to do for amazing results

Bridal Body Fitness is perfect for you if you want to...

About Me • About Me • About Me •

For over a decade, I’ve been helping brides transform their bodies—and their confidence—in sustainable and healthy ways.

Because bridal training and wedding fitness shouldn’t only be about reaching body goals for one special day; it should be a lifestyle you continue all your days. 

And the process of transforming yourself should instill confidence— confidence that you can do hard things—even if you’ve never worked out before. 

Hi, I’m Steph, Wedding Fitness & Nutrition Coach


This program includes everything you need to reach your wedding fitness goals.

Bridal Body Fitness provides a solid, gimmick-free path to achieving your wedding fitness goals. Say goodbye to Tik-Tok trends and fad diets, and hello to a program that is based on science and tailored to brides' goals. You will be sweating for the wedding the healthy and effective way.

With easy-to-follow workouts, nutritious meal guidance, and a personal trainer by your side, you're set for real, tangible progress. This is where you'll see genuine progress, building your confidence every step of the way, ensuring you look and feel your absolute best when your big day arrives.

Bridal Body Fitness™ is a game-changer, and here’s why...


Bridal Body Fitness isn’t about quick fixes, short-term solutions, or just sweating for the wedding. It's about cultivating a lifestyle that promotes fitness and well-being, not just for your wedding, but beyond. The program introduces habits and routines that are manageable and enjoyable, encouraging a love for fitness and healthy living.  So, as you prepare for your wedding, you're also setting the pace for a lifetime of health and vitality.

Unlike fitness programs where you can't reach out to the trainer anytime, Bridal Body Fitness offers personalized support from a certified personal trainer - me! This means you’re not left to figure things out on your own. I'm always there for you, available to answer questions, provide motivation, and ensure you’re on the right track. This level of personalized attention ensures that the program adapts to your needs and circumstances and provides you with a tailored plan of action to help you achieve your wedding fitness goals.


Receive Healthy habit & nutrition coaching.

Chat through messenger & get workout feedback.

Follow a plan strategically created for brides.

Track your progress directly in the STF app.

✓Cultivating a workout routine that you look forward to and making each step towards your wedding an enjoyable one.

✓Understanding the power of nutrition and learning to make food choices that nourish your body, fuel your workouts, and satisfy your taste buds.

✓Finding joy in the process of working out, discovering that exercise can be fun, rewarding, and a source of stress relief.

✓ Embracing a fitness journey that not only transforms your body but also fosters a loving relationship with the person you see in the mirror every day.

If you want this to be the year that you finally commit to:



You don't have access to dumbbells and don't have at least 6 square feet of space to work out

You're  not willing to challenge yourself and stay consistent with a plan

You'd rather piece together Pinterest and YouTube workouts

It's probably         for you if...

You're looking for expert guidance and support from a certified personal trainer

You're short on time and need a convenient program with minimal equipment

You want a strategic, efficient, and healthy plan to get in shape for your wedding day

This      for you if:


Other online fitness programs often run upwards of $600 for 90 days. However, when you enroll in Bridal Body Fitness, you'll receive three months of online bridal workouts for as little as $297.

(the healthy way!)

Let's Start sweating for the wedding.


12 months of BBF


bride favorite!


6 months of BBF

3 months of BBF

$990 USD
(Get two months free)

$495 USD
(Get one month free)

$297 USD

select the plan that works for your wedding timeline:

My question isn’t listed here. How can I get in contact with you?

If you need any additional information or have more questions, please email us at and we’ll respond to you within 24 hours. Prefer to give me a call? You can schedule a call with me by clicking here.

Once you sign up, keep an eye on your inbox for a welcome email from You'll also receive an email from Trainerize, guiding you through setting up the STF fitness app on your phone. Your program officially begins on the Monday following your purchase, but if that date doesn't work for you, just shoot me a message in the app, and I'll happily adjust it to your preferred start date. We're here to make this journey as convenient and enjoyable as possible for you!

What happens after I sign up?

YES! I LOVE having bridal parties do the Bridal Body Fitness program together because it’s even more motivating and FUN! To make this happen, each bridal party member purchases the program. Then, the bride will send a special request to including all the participants in her group, and we’ll create an exclusive bride accountability group just for you!

I want to do this with my bridal party. Is that possible?

The only equipment requirement for the program is a set of dumbbells. However, if you'd like to enhance your workout experience, resistance bands (both with handles and booty band loops) and a yoga mat are optional additions. These extra pieces can provide a variety of exercise options and added comfort during your workouts, but they're not mandatory to see amazing results. If you have questions about equipment that you want to purchase, you can always send me a message!

Do I need to purchase equipment to complete the program?

The program is designed to fit into a tight schedule. The workouts are 5 minutes long up to 35 minutes long. You decide what you can accomplish each day and when, based on your schedule. The program is designed to be used at your own convenience and around your already busy lifestyle!

My life is already super busy. Do I have time for this?

The workouts are structured to blend seamlessly with your weekly routine. Your schedule includes 5 workouts each week: 2 focused on upper body strength, 2 on lower body strength, and an optional core/conditioning workout. Each session is about 30 minutes long so you can crush your workout even on busy days. I give you everything you need, and nothing that you don't! 

Every workout comes with video demonstrations for each exercise, making it easy to follow along and ensure you're performing the exercises correctly. The workouts are designed like a personal training session with sets and reps clearly outlined. When you're ready to work out, you simply select the workout you'll do, hit START, and then dive into it! And every time you do, you’re one step closer to your wedding fitness goals. Cue the happy dance!

What are the workouts like?

After you purchase the program, you'll receive an email with a link to download the free STF (Stephanie Thomas Fitness) app. In the app is where you’ll find your weekly workouts, a group chat with other brides, progress tracking, and where you can message me your questions directly. You can complete the workouts whenever it’s best for your schedule.

How do I get access to the workouts?

Absolutely! It’s never too early to start working towards your fitness goals. Joining now will give you ample time to adapt to the program, make sustainable lifestyle changes, and achieve lasting results. The earlier you start, the more relaxed and prepared you’ll feel as your wedding day approaches. Plus, Bridal Body Fitness is designed to support you in cultivating a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond just your wedding day.

My wedding isn’t for another year. Should I join now?

Questions Other Brides Have Asked Before Saying 
YES to Bridal Body Fitness™

You have the power to make this journey as beautiful and rewarding as the day you've been dreaming of. And remember, you're not alone on this path. I'm here to provide support and guidance to ensure you enjoy every step of your wedding wellness adventure. Let’s start sweating for the wedding, and unveil some incredible results!

You ready?