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Want to know what it’s actually like to be a member of a Stephanie Thomas Fitness wedding workout program?


Stephanie's program was a game-changer for me. It not only transformed my body, but also my mindset, empowering me to love and appreciate my post-Miss USA figure.

- Katerina

It was just what I wanted - I felt good in my body and ready for my big day (and pictures)! 

- Lex

I joined Bridal Body Fitness because Stephanie was relatable and encouraging. She is accessible and the program rocked!! I used BBF during the last 90 days leading up to my wedding and it was great! There was always a lot of variety in the workouts, they were effective and they were scheduled daily, which was huge for me! It took the planning process off of my plate, while still feeling very confident that the workouts were right for me and my goals! I received many comments on my “abs”. I wanted to feel good, exude energy and look toned for my big day! It worked and I can’t say enough great things! 

Before I started, I didn’t know or understand how to plan effective workouts - you did that for me! Thank you!! And, they didn’t get stale or monotonous - huge!! 

To brides considering the program, do it! Stick to it and maintain a healthy 80/20 food plan - you’re good to go! 

I am grateful - thank you!!  

I wanted to get more toned before our wedding and look gooood on the honeymoon - Stephanie’s program delivered!

- Kim

I work in the medical field with on-call times and unpredictable hours, so I really appreciated that her program was flexible and fun. It was also easily adaptable for someone who does a lot of home workouts. For all the busy brides who need fitness and nutrition help from a flexible program (while being able to ACTUALLY reach their trainer), this is an awesome program for you and I would totally recommend it! I seriously ate piles of carbs in Italy during our honeymoon and my abs still looked good afterwards. Thank you Stephanie!

Photographer: Benjamin Edwards

I achieved everything I asked for and more with Stephanie's help :) I dropped 18 pounds, but more importantly, I sculpted muscles with a specific focus on my chest, back, arms, and booty. 

- Rachel

I distinctly remember the day I discovered Stephanie’s wedding fitness program, approximately 3 months before my wedding. I was at the gym, feeling frustrated about not reaching my fitness goals despite putting in significant effort. I was eager to find someone who could help me understand what it would take to achieve those goals.

My determination had a dual focus: I sought a program that not only acknowledged the significance of looking and feeling my best on my wedding day, but also offered long-term benefits. I had a timeframe in mind, and it was equally important to me to approach this journey naturally and holistically, with a strong focus on nutrition.

When I found Stephanie's site, it encompassed all of these aspects. What truly stood out was her commitment to a healthy, natural approach, underlined by her own lifestyle. I could tell she understood the challenges of working toward a deadline and the importance of sustainability and long-term results. It was a 'no frills,' just 'hard work and support' type of approach, which I genuinely appreciated. Following a conversation with her, it became clear she understood my goals and had practical suggestions for the changes I could make.

I wanted to build muscle but had concerns about looking too bulky. I shared this with Stephanie, and she promptly helped me understand how we could achieve my goal through a blend of strength training and proper nutrition. She also presented the option of higher reps if lifting heavy weights didn't suit me. I genuinely appreciated her explanation of these concepts and the multiple options she offered. With her guidance and assurance, I felt confident in pursuing heavy lifting, knowing she comprehended my concerns and had a plan to address them. Another concern was whether I could reach my goals in just 3 months before my wedding day. Stephanie's confidence in putting together a plan for me reassured me that this timeframe was achievable.

These achievements made me feel incredibly happy and confident in my wedding dress and continue to empower me to maintain these positive changes well beyond the wedding.

Working with Stephanie was absolutely worth it—I'd make the same choice again without hesitation.

Wedding planning served as the catalyst for the changes I had long desired, and this transformation extends far beyond the wedding day. Stephanie is genuinely caring and highly knowledgeable. She has a remarkable ability to tailor a program to one's desires and needs, and is flexible in adjusting based on feedback. She takes a non-judgmental and open approach, which encourages you to comfortably share your concerns and goals with her.

Thank you so much for everything, Stephanie! Most of all, thank you for your patience with me and your super friendly approach. I'm so glad I met you and had this time with you. You've truly changed my perspective on working out and nutrition!

Before STF, I didn't have any direction or confidence when it came to my health and fitness.

It felt like an excuse and it WAS an excuse. I was uneducated and used that as a reason to not change my diet and to not challenge myself in fitness at all. 

Before working with Stephanie, I was very passive when it came to fitness and overall health. I KNEW I was going to get into shape eventually but I was waiting until I found the right thing that would work for me.

Now, I’m extremely focused and I have a confidence in my workouts I've never ever had before. I have asthma which was a major deterrent when it came to any kind of cardio. I can now run for several minutes in a row and every week it gets easier and easier. I would never have known how to get to this place on my own.

For me personally, the first step was to hand over my decisions to someone else. Someone who was a professional and who knew what they were doing. If they told me what was best for me and what to do when it came to working out, I KNEW I would do it. I was just missing the confidence.

I think everyone who has tried to get healthy has started and stopped a handful of times before. I was very worried that this would be the case with personal training but the nature of the program prevents me from falling out of my routine. There's a level of accountability that you can't ignore.

- Grace

I've gone down a few pant sizes a can now fit into a pair of jeans I've been wanting to wear for months! My face is thinner and I'm getting comments from friends and family.

My fiancé has more than once mentioned that my energy levels have skyrocketed. I don't pass up on things because there is a lot of walking or because I'll have to wear clothes I don't look good in. My overall lifestyle has thrived because I feel better about myself!

Jump in feet first. Hand over those fitness decisions to someone else. There's no stress when it comes to gym-timidation because you're being shown and told exactly what to do and when and how many times. Stephanie answers messages very quickly so whenever I find myself in a sticky situation when it comes to food or I'm in a place that doesn't have a gym, she is right there to help me through it. I'm rooting for myself to see this through and everyday Stephanie is right there with me!

When I met Stephanie, I was looking to find a way to incorporate fitness into my life.

As a mother of two toddlers and being overweight my entire life, I knew it was time to make a change to improve my life and to make a positive impact on my children. I was looking for a fitness guide that would be easy to follow and could be completed at home to fit into my busy schedule. Before this fitness program, I felt tired and unmotivated. This challenge has made me feel better about myself and more comfortable in my own skin. It’s so easy to follow and makes me look forward to exercising! I love all the tips Stephanie includes to make this program work for me. I still have a ways to go in my weight loss journey, but this program has helped me get started. I really look forward to following this plan every day! It has also impacted my entire family because we take the time to complete this program together.

- Megan

When I joined the program I was a little nervous but also excited! I was scared of the potential time commitment and I wasn’t sure how I'd like the style of workouts. 

But I committed because I knew I needed help with losing weight, increasing my strength and muscle tone, boosting my energy levels. I was struggling to get back into a regular fitness routine and frustrated with restrictive diets that left me sluggish and unhappy. 

To get started, I simply signed up for a short phone call with Stephanie and quickly saw how kind, motivational, and most importantly for me, how realistic she and her programs are! 

Thanks to Steph’s Bridal Body Fitness program, I am stronger and more motivated to achieve my health and fitness goals! 

If you’re considering a wedding fitness program, I say go for it!! I have an incredibly busy and stressful job and was struggling with weight loss and physical/mental health. I was also low on energy from the restrictive diets id been on. Thanks to the program, I am stronger and more motivated to achieve my health and fitness goals! 

Stephanie helped me learn it's ok to eat fruits and healthy carbs and the foods I actually like! She is kind, supportive, and also so realistic and down to earth! She never made me feel bad for missing a workout. Instead, she gently motivated me to get back at it and then celebrated me when I did! I'm excited to reach my goals and am definitely continuing the Bridal Body Fitness program until my wedding day!  

- Caitlin

Stephanie has been amazing and has helped me stay motivated to work out. I’m so glad I chose to work with her because now I’m in the best shape I have ever been. I actually enjoy working out and eating healthy thanks to Stephanie’s programs! Just go for it!! You won’t regret it. 

- Janice

When I was thinking about how I want to look on my wedding day, I knew I needed help to hit my fitness goals so I can really see a change in my abs and legs.

I felt like there was no way I could lose weight before my wedding, especially without some mental support and coaching assistance.

I wasn’t completely happy with myself, I was tired a lot, which working nights does, but since I did the program, I have been more energetic! I am much happier with my physical self which has now put a much more positive outcome on my self esteem. 

I have signed up for many weight loss “fads” and nothing ever stuck. Mostly, I feel, because I didn’t have a coach checking in on me and holding me accountable. I lost 12 total pounds in 3 months. But the biggest difference I can see is in photos. I am more toned in my abdominal area, as well as my back, arms and legs. I am now continuing a more active lifestyle and it has affected my family, as they are now following with me and starting healthy routines of their own. 

To anyone on the fence about working with Stephanie, I would say do it! Take the leap and go for it! I know it’s hard, I work 12 hour nights, away from home, and still try to maintain somewhat of a normal home life. I promise, if I can find time to do it, so can you!

- Ashley

I’m very proud of myself for following the program and getting stronger. I’ve lost 15 lbs while working with Stephanie! I’m way more active and more comfortable in my clothes. Just do it, it’s so worth it!

- Tessa

To brides who are considering this program, I say do it, Stephanie's program is the most sustainable workout program I've ever done. 

It's been a long time since I've felt in harmony with my body. I've done workout programs before but since the early pandemic it's been a minute since I've really had time to dedicate myself, and like many other people - I put on weight since the pandemic because my lifestyle has become so sedentary. I wanted to find a way to get my body to a place that I'm comfortable with that wasn't me just running and I wasn't sure where to start. 

I’ve been loving seeing the little changes week after week and I'm feeling myself getting stronger, gaining more stamina, and wanting to move more in general. I'm feeling confident again!

I wanted to work with Stephanie because of her presentation and professionalism. Her website is honest and the prices are transparent, you don't have to set up a call to find out prices. The website itself feels bridal and aspirational. I loved seeing the reviews and seeing resources without having to sign up for anything. From there I went to her instagram and she came across as a friend instead of some big bad scary trainer. 

- Sarah

Now I can hold a plank for over a minute - which might seem like a small thing but it's huge to me! Some other wins: my calves look INSANE, I have more energy, I'm sleeping so much better, my posture has improved, I'm going on more walks, I'm learning to actually rest on rest days, I'm aware of my maintenance calories, I'm eating more balanced meals, I'm noticing muscle all over.  

I think the nutrition aspect of the program is one of my favorite parts, I love trying out the recipes. So many have made it into my weekly meal rotation! 

To brides who are considering this program, I say do it, Stephanie's program is the most sustainable workout program I've ever done. 

Brides, do it! Stephanie is so supportive and knowledgeable. She definitely knows what she is doing. I used to be so overwhelmed and unsure of where to start.

I was so out of shape and was worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with a workout plan. Then I found Stephanie’s 90-day wedding workout program!

Now I have direction, support and a plan to achieve my weight loss goals. Stephanie helped me find ways to stick to the program and show up every day. 

- Toni

Prior to starting my program, I was defeated and unmotivated.

 I was scared to fail and scared it would be too hard. But I’m so glad I reached out to Stephanie for help! I have more motivation now and I feel so much better about myself. I would tell a bride-to-be to just DO IT! Stephanie is extremely knowledgeable, super supportive, and understanding.

- Jamie

I am honestly shocked that I have done 5-6 workouts a week for the past 7 weeks as someone who has always been "too busy" to work out on the weekdays. I definitely notice changes in the shape/size of my body and feel stronger and healthier. This program is definitely worth the investment and I hope to carry the habits and discipline through life even after the wedding!

- Christine

I used to feel unhappy, unfit, unmotivated. Working with Steph was the best decision.

Now I have a positive mindset and I’m taking small steps and gaining confidence! I’m continuing to keep the weight off even after my wedding.

Initially I was on the fence because I wanted to work with someone face-to-face but I was so happy to realize the accountability was still there even though it was online! 

I loved the flexibility of completing the workouts on my own time. Book a call and give it a shot - you won't regret it!! Especially if you're a bride who wants an effective plan!!

- Rebecca

Before I started working with Stephanie, I was uncomfortable and lacking confidence. Now I feel much lighter, much more confident, and 3 kgs lighter. 

- Hayley

Stephanie has helped me actually do the workout not put it off. My program has made my relationship better as I wasn't feeling so rubbish about myself. 

I would tell anyone who wants to results to definitely do it, Stephanie is an amazing trainer with great knowledge and information for getting fit and losing weight.

Stephanie is one of the most helpful coaches I have ever worked with. She is truly happy for you and wants you to feel your best. She always has the best recommendations and suggestions! 

- Sandy

I used to be overwhelmed and not sure what to do. I was spending TOO much time on social media aspiring to become healthier.

- Amanda

The 20-30 minute workouts helped me be more consistent! I am just starting my second month (using the same program) and I lost 5 pounds! 

If you are considering this program, I say do it! The clear outline and short workouts make it achievable and I just love it! It’s made me feel so strong. 

Bridal Body Fitness helped me to gain strength and improve my fitness which fueled my confidence for my wedding day.

I’m amazed at how quickly I built core strength - before this program I could barley plank for 10 seconds now I can for a good 60 seconds- I’ve also toned up so much people have commented on how good I’m looking! Stephanie is so kind and approachable - she is non judgmental and will motivate and inspire you to continue on your fitness journey.

- Jayme

If you want a toned physique, these short and effective workouts will get you results! Best decision I ever made for my health!

- Subhadra


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