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Fuel your wedding fitness journey with nutritious meals and start seeing physical results!

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enjoy the convenience of simple, yet Delicious, recipes that fit seamlessly into your busy wedding prep schedule

Embrace a healthy lifestyle without sacrificing flavor or variety

Experience the magic of balanced nutrition and see results without restrictive diets or deprivation. This is losing weight for your wedding in a healthy and holistic way

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 Get everything you need to make your nutrition work for you and truly enjoy your meals every day!

Created by certified nutrition coach Stephanie Thomas,
The Bridal Body Cookbook includes:

350+ healthy & delicious recipes so you're never stuck on what to make for your meals!

Easy and delicious recipes for breakfast, entrées, sides, snacks, drinks, and desserts!

Printable meal trackers, checklists, and planners so you can create your own monthly menu and weekly menus! These templates will help you make the most out of all of your new recipes. 
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 Get The Cookbook for only $39 →

Seasonal Wedding Nutrition Plan Editions so you can have meal inspiration for every season! (Value: $236)

Never feel deprived while eating healthy, get results by eating well and nourishing your body, and feel so ready for your wedding day!

If you want to get in shape for your wedding day, a healthy nutrition plan is key. But strict diets won't get you there.

If you want to get in shape for your wedding day, a healthy nutrition plan is key.
But strict diets won't get you there.

When weight loss is a bride’s goal, I like to reshape the focus to be about getting healthy before your special day.  There are a lot of messages about food and healthy eating out there, and I know it can all feel a bit overwhelming.

If you have a goal to lose weight for your wedding, The Bridal Body Cookbook will help. But it isn’t a diet in the traditional sense, because restrictive and unsustainable diets won’t last. 

Balanced nutritious meals and eating in a slight caloric deficit is the answer. You can achieve your goals without cutting food groups or skipping meals, or restrictive meal plans. 

And yes, you can have cake!

I know many brides have a goal to lose weight before the wedding.

Meet Your Coach

I'm Steph, your bridal personal trainer!

For over a decade, I’ve been helping brides transform their bodies—and their confidence—in sustainable and healthy ways.

Because bridal fitness shouldn’t only be about reaching body goals for one special day; it should be a lifestyle you continue all your days. 

And the process of transforming yourself should instill confidence— confidence that you can do hard things—even if you’ve never worked out before. 

This Digital Cookbook Is For You    

You want a cooking companion that fits seamlessly into your wedding wellness journey, providing tasty and nourishing recipes to fuel your body and keep you energized.

You want a wide range of recipe options to accommodate different dietary preferences, so you can enjoy meals that suit your individual tastes and needs.

You want a self-guided plan that you can complete independently, without the need for additional accountability. (Not you? Check out Bridal Body Fitness!)


You’re ready to ditch the fad diets and embrace a more balanced approach to eating, discovering the joy of wholesome and satisfying meals that contribute to your physical fitness results and overall well-being.

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Note: As soon as you order, you’ll immediately receive the product download via email; this plan is not a physical product. It is a PDF file you can save to your phone, tablet, or computer and/or print out! You can then access this book any time, any where, so you can follow the plan with ease. Please understand that because of the digital nature of this program, there are no refunds.

Get this special collection of delicious, nutritious recipes designed to nourish your body, elevate your energy, and help you achieve your dream bridal physique. Stop dieting, and start feeling in control of your results, while still losing weight before your wedding!

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