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7 Things That Are Easy to Forget While Wedding Planning

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We all know that giddy feeling we get when we cross off that final thing on our wedding to-do list. Having the big day all planned out feels like a weight has lifted off your shoulders. Yet sometimes despite our best efforts, some things slip through the cracks. If you have that lingering voice inside your head saying that you might have missed something important, you’ve come to the right place! More oftentimes than not, these things are small but easy to forget until you realize you need them. With a bit of luck, this list will make sure your wedding day feels like a breeze. 

1. Add Some Buffer Time to Your Wedding Schedule

Hair and makeup will always take more time than you think they will. To make sure things stay on track, give yourself some breathing room in case of any delays. Looking back, I wish I scheduled waayyy more time for my hair and makeup! I almost didn’t put on my false lashes because I was already 10 minutes late to the ceremony.. learn from my mistake and set aside more time than you think you need. Plus, you deserve to relax and know you won’t be rushing while getting ready.

2. Keep an Eye on the Weather 

This one’s a must, especially if you’re having an outdoor wedding! I tell my brides to always take the weather report with a grain of salt and have a backup plan ready just in case the rain decides to say hello. Talk to your venue in advance and make sure they have a beautiful backup plan that you’re happy with (if needed)!

3. Plan for Golden Hour

The warm soft rays of sunset are perfect for capturing your wedding day. Keep the time in mind and plan accordingly with your photographer so you don’t miss out on an opportunity for a magical photoshoot! Having beautiful wedding photos was super important to me, so I planned my schedule around the sun!

4. Figure out Your Transportation

Going to and from the wedding falls in that in-between time that is easily forgotten. Schedule a car to drive you and your bridal party to the wedding and another one for the end of the night. This one kinda depends on where your venue is! If you’re having a destination wedding at a resort or large hotel, you might not need to worry about this one as much. And don’t forget to give your guests options for parking and transportation (this is where a wedding website comes in handy)!

5. Working with Your Vendors 

Make sure to budget a little extra when it comes to vendor costs. Before the big day, check-in with them about overtime costs, plan for vendor meals and figure out gratuities in advance. There will almost always be some extra costs.

6. Ask about Food Allergies and Restrictions

Note down any diet restrictions guests may have, where they are sitting, and pass along these details to the catering team. Trust me, they will love you. 

7. Don’t Forget to Get Ready for the Honeymoon

If you’re jumping on a plane soon after your wedding, it’s easy to forget what needs to be done before you leave. Start packing in advance so you can grab your suitcase and go!

Do you have any hot tips that didn’t make the wedding to-do list? Comment down below with details you think future brides might easily miss!

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