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Healthy Foods You Can Bring to a Holiday Party

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It’s easy to see holidays as a time of year for indulgence and unhealthy eating habits – but it doesn’t have to be that way! The next time you go to a holiday party, you can bring tons of healthy snacks that are both nutritious AND delicious (because healthy food doesn’t have to be boring). You can stick to your wedding fitness goals and still enjoy the most wonderful time of the year!

1. Dips

Dips are essential for pretty much any party, and this goes for the holidays, too! A delicious yet healthy dip you can go for is a red pepper crab dip or even your basic roasted garlic hummus. Bring along some veggies or some pita bread, and you’ve got yourself a delicious and healthy snack!

2. Platters

You can’t go wrong with a good charcuterie board. Whether you’re focusing on a protein-packed board with cheese and salami or a plant-based board with tons of nutritious goodies, you really can’t go wrong as they’re perfect handheld options for people to casually grab.

3. ‘Bites’

Bites are also great handheld options and are often a bit more filling, so if people came with an appetite, be sure to expect them to be gone! Some of my personal favorites are mini grilled cheese sandwiches or even stuffed mushrooms – I love to stuff mushrooms with mozzarella cheese and basil or Italian leaf parsley, but you can really stuff them with anything.

4. Crostini

Who doesn’t love a good, crunchy crostini? A favorite of mine is adding some tomato, mozzarella, and some light parsley to the top to garnish. You can add anything to the top of the crostini or dip it in something yummy.

5. Bell peppers

Okay, I might have stolen this one from TikTok, but I PROMISE it’s good. Simply take any color bell peppers and cut them into smaller pieces to form a “boat.” In the boat, you’ll put a little bit of cream cheese in there and top that with everything but the bagel seasoning. As an option, you can add some pepperoni or salami on the top. They’re a great low-carb option, too, so you can enjoy something yummy during the holidays while also watching what you eat!

No matter what you go with, remember that the holidays, and holiday parties, don’t need to be an indulgent time. There’s no need to have to “pick back up where you left off” once New Year’s hits and make a new wedding weight loss or health goal. You can still enjoy the holidays with yummy, healthy snacks just like these! You’ll certainly be the life of the party.

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