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Your 2023 New Year Fitness Challenge 

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The New Year has officially arrived, so new year fitness goals are probably racing through your mind. Currently, hundreds of fitness coaches are telling you what you should work towards this year, weight loss, low-calorie diets, more cardio, etc. While there is A LOT of excellent and valuable information in these posts, they become repetitive and never really teach you HOW to achieve your new year workout goals. 

For this reason, I am here to give you a bit of different advice today. I want to provide you with a new year fitness challenge designed to help you achieve your goals! (Plus, these tasks are flexible and can be incorporated into your unique lifestyle) 

Get into a Consistent Sleep Schedule 

Taking care of your body should be your #1 priority, not how it looks but how it FEELS. With that said, I challenge you to create a sleep schedule that works best for your body and lifestyle and sticks to it! Accomplishing this will give you the adequate amount of sleep you need to achieve your new year workout aspirations effectively. Challenge yourself to go to bed a little bit earlier each day until you feel like you’re going to bed at your desired time. Notice if you feel more refreshed in the morning and motivated for your workout!

Start Journaling About Your New Year Fitness Goals 

This year, I want you to start using a journal to keep track of your workout goals, nutritional goals, and progress. This way, at the end of the year, you will have a physical copy of everything you achieve with your 2023 new year fitness goals. 

This is one of my FAVORITE journals for keeping track of my goals: The Perfect Fitness Journal (I love it because of the color variety and how it has a spot to track EVERYTHING fitness related!) 

Eat Your Colors 

Remember how I said it’s essential to focus on how you feel more than how you look? Well, this should be at the forefront of your mind when you are also trying to reach your new year fitness nutritional goals. So, when planning out your new diet, make sure to incorporate LOTS of colorful foods! 

I’m talking about consuming lots of veggies and fruits, adding colors to your formerly all-green salads, and plating your dinner with more than a protein and carb. I know that nutritional planning can sometimes be challenging but utilize all the incredible resources available at your fingertips, and you can create the PERFECT meal plan for yourself in no time! 

Stop Weighing Yourself SO Much 

My last request in this new year’s fitness challenge is to stop weighing yourself SO much! If weight loss is your goal, you need to remind yourself that patience is vital, and it isn’t going to happen overnight. I also want you to know that your weight can fluctuate by 1-3 pounds daily. You can weigh 2 pounds heavier than you did the day before, but you didn’t get any bigger! 

Weight fluctuates due to the food we eat the day before, water retention, and hormones (I’m looking at you, ladies!). Therefore, it is best to weigh yourself once a week, at the same time of day every time! 

Complete this challenge, and I promise you will find your new year workout goals MUCH easier to accomplish (and much faster!) 

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