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4 Tips for Getting Out of a Fitness Lull

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Motivation for working out can ebb and flow—one week you’re up at 6am doing squats with great gusto, while the next week you’re planted on the couch watching reruns of Friends and can’t imagine getting up to exercise.

If you’ve found yourself in a fitness funk—don’t worry, we’ve all been there—it might be your body and mind’s way of asking for a change.

I’ve put together some great tips that will freshen up your fitness routine and reignite your enthusiasm for breaking a sweat.

Let’s get into it!

1. Mix up your workouts

Many of us lose motivation because we’ve fallen into doing the same fitness routine over and over and over. Just like anyone would grow tired of eating the same thing every day, you can also grow bored of repeatedly engaging in the same type of exercise.

This is where mixing things up comes in. If you normally go for a run, try doing a 30-minute strength-training routine with free weights. If you normally lift weights, try doing a yoga session instead.

Not only does switching up your routine help you feel more excited mentally, it’s also great for your physical health. Switching from running three miles to doing a Pilates workout, for example, will help target different muscle groups and systems of your body to create more well-rounded, beneficial results over time.

2. Change your music

Don’t underestimate the power of a new playlist! We all have our favorite songs that get us pumped up to exercise, but if you listen to the same songs repetitively, your whole routine can start to feel uninteresting and tedious.

Spend some time searching for new, fun songs to add to your queue. Sometimes finding a new song you love is motivation enough to get up and get moving!

3. Revisit your why

It can be a very helpful exercise to sit down and think about why you started working out in the first place. Did you want to improve your overall health? Boost your confidence? Get to a healthy weight? Whatever your reasons are for adopting an exercise routine, take some time and think or journal about them.

Reminding yourself of all the good things that can come from working out can reignite your determination and motivation to lace up those sneakers.

4. Hire a personal trainer

Sometimes not feeling motivated is simply a matter of not knowing what you’re doing. That’s where hiring a professional can really help. A personal trainer or fitness coach can help you determine your goals, assess your current abilities, and design an effective workout that will get you the results you’re seeking. Working with a professional also has the added benefit of having a built-in cheerleader, support system, and accountability buddy.

If you’re looking for someone to work with, I just might know of somebody! Don’t hesitate to contact me for virtual personal training or yoga sessions.

Try these tips today!

Change requires action, so start applying these tips today. If you’ve been out of your routine for awhile, start small and work your way back up. Just go at your own pace, listen to your body, and be kind to yourself throughout the process. You’re doing something great for your body and mind and you should be proud of yourself.

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