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5 Health Benefits of Exercise All Brides Should Know

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Let’s bring it back to basics, ladies! We all know that exercising is good for us and will lead to us feeling great on our wedding days, but what does it really do to our bodies? While you’re busy planning your dream wedding, sweating up a storm you might feel like working out is the last thing you want to be doing right now. But feeling that burn – that’s your body’s way of saying thank you. Every time you step onto that mat, you are working your gorgeous muscles and your mind. Here’s five health benefits of exercise all brides need (yes, even when you are extremely busy!).

Makes You Feel Stronger

The first one’s obvious! Having a solid workout routine helps burn calories and build lean muscle so you can look your best in your wedding gown. No need to spend hours at the gym, a simple 30 minutes every day goes a long way in keeping you healthy.

Provides Long-term Health Benefits

Working out impacts so much more than we can see on the outside. In fact, exercising daily can help minimize the risk of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and more. It’s as simple as going outside to take a walk during your lunch break! Anyone else want to age gracefully with their future spouse?!

Allows Your Imagination to Run Wild

Feeling like you’ve hit a roadblock with the wedding or at work? The answer might just be a short workout away. Studies have actually proven that people who include exercise in their schedule can become more productive and creative in their daily lives. This means getting wayyy more done for your wedding and less last-minute stress.

Releases Endorphins

Let’s boost those happy chemicals through the roof! Physical exercise is a source of natural happiness. When you’re having a rough day or if you have been working through anxiety or depression, working out can help reduce symptoms of them both. You deserve to feel amazing during this fun season of life.

Brings Better Sleep and More Energy

Working up a sweat comes with major benefits like deeper sleep patterns and more energy for when you’re planning your wedding! If you hit the mat, you won’t need that second cup of coffee to keep you going. Once you’re done your body will feel energized and your mind more focused to tackle whatever comes your way.

I might have just listed five reasons why you should start training your body but trust me, there are plenty more health benefits of exercise. If you’re ready to get started with a wedding fitness plan that will help you feel your best on your special day, I’m just a message away!

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