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5 Wedding Ceremony Mistakes Couples Should Avoid

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Weddings come in all shapes and sizes and the ceremony is one of the most unique and memorable moments of the wedding day. Naturally, you want it to be as perfect as possible.

To make sure your ceremony goes according to plan, there are a few common mistakes you should be aware of.

1. Failing to Communicate with Guests

Your wedding ceremony is going to have a start time, so remind your guests what time they need to be seated. Encouraging guests to find seats ensures nobody is left standing for the entirety of the ceremony. It’s also important to remind guests to turn off their cell phones. The last thing you want is for some crazy ringtone to start playing as you say your vows.

2. Not Communicating with Your Officiant

All too many couples have a first kiss photo with an officiant in the background. I was one of them! So don’t make my mistakes. Speak to your officiant ahead of time about moving out of the way during the first kiss, giving your photographer a clear shot of you and your partner. Another good reason to keep the lines of communication open with your officiant is to make the ceremony more meaningful. All too often, officiants don’t focus enough on the unique aspects of the couple. Your guests want a deeper view of your connection and working with your officiant to shape what’s said during your ceremony can help with this.

3. Forgetting to Get the Rings Ready

Before you head down the aisle, make sure your rings are easily accessible and don’t need to be freed from any unnecessary packaging. If someone is holding your rings for you, make sure they are nearby to hand them over when needed.

4. Failing to Do a Mic Check.

If you are planning to use a microphone during your ceremony, make sure it’s checked ahead of time. Tech issues can’t always be avoided but the risk of something going wrong during your ceremony (or before it even starts) can be reduced.

5. Not Looking at Each Other.

When you’re wrapped up in what your officiant is saying, you may forget to look at each other. Make a point of looking at your partner as much as possible during the ceremony. Not only does it make the moment more special, but your photographer can get some romantic shots too.

Planning your ceremony doesn’t need to be complicated, it just helps to be aware of a few small details to make it go smoothly and exactly how you imagined it!

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