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Creating a Mindful Morning Routine

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Ahh, mornings – do you find yourself struggling to get out of bed? While some of us are naturally morning people, I know that I sometimes find myself laying around in bed for hours! But here’s the thing, no matter when you wake up, what you do once you get out of bed is what really matters. So, whether you are looking to switch up your mornings or create a more balanced routine, this post is packed with simple yet powerful ideas to set yourself up for the rest of the day.

Schedule Your Lights Out and Light On
We love them but we hate them – alarm clocks are what I call a necessary evil. You can choose to go to bed and wake up whenever you want, the key is to keep it consistent so you can also set your internal alarm clock! By putting an effort in to wake up and fall asleep at the same time, you’ll find yourself getting up well-rested and refreshed.

Drink Some Water
Treat your body with some water after a good night’s sleep. This will not only help with dehydration but will also kickstart your metabolism! My favorite thing is to mix things up by adding some flavor with lemon, cucumber, or frozen berries.

Stretch Your Body
Take a couple of minutes or more each morning to give your body a stretch. Whether you take it slow or speed it up, including a morning workout routine is a sure way to boost your energy for the day ahead.

Put the Phone Down
It’s easy to start scrolling through Instagram when we wake up and pick up our phones to turn the alarm off. But as tempting as it is, the world can wait for a moment. Put it down, and step away. Start your morning off with some mindfulness instead of passively scrolling through social media. Trust me, it makes a world of a difference.

Positive Thinking
Set yourself up for a good day by reminding yourself how amazing you are! Practices such as meditation and positive affirmations may sound silly at first but can improve your mood and make you more focused for the day ahead.

How do you start your mornings? Comment down below to add to the list, I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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