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Fun Valentine’s Day Couple Workouts to Try at Home

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With February just around the corner, have you started thinking about making Valentine’s Day plans? We all know that this special time of year is all about sharing the love you have with one another, but why don’t we add a little challenge into the mix. Between the chocolates and romantic candle night dinners for two, it’s time to switch things up! Grab your fiance, and let’s get started with some easy partner workouts that you can do to spice up your day.

Cardio Central

First things first, let’s get your body moving. Cardio is a great way to break a sweat while working on your coordination, flexibility, and balance all in one go. Rock climbing, boxing, skipping rope, even learning a TikTok dance – there are plenty of fun ways to get the blood flow going.

Push Up Five Fives

It’s time to get those toned arms ready for the wedding! Grab your partner and lower yourself down into a pushup position either facing each other or lined up side by side. Do a regular set and reach over for a cheeky high five.

Fiance Wall Sit

This is a great lower body exercise for the hamstrings, quads, and glutes. Standing back to back with your feet shoulder-width apart, lower yourselves down until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. Once you’re in the position, it’s time to hold and try not to fall down! There are many other exercises that you can use to train your glutes.

Squat Toss

Using one weighted medicine ball or a heavy bag, lower down into a squat position at the same time. As you start to rise, throw the ball to your partner who will catch it as they go down. Now repeat!

Russian Twists

Get ready for an amazing core workout! Slightly lean back with your feet above the ground and grab a ball or a dumbbell. Just like with regular Russian twists, you’re going to rotate your body from side to side and pass the weight to your partner as you go.

Last But Not Least

To finish things off, end your workout by stretching it all out. If you have a foam roller on hand, make sure to bring it out – it will help target any sore spots that you may have. And that’s it! If you’re looking for more at-home couple workouts, let me know. Who knows, maybe we’ll even start a blog post series!

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