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How Meal Prepping Can Help You Reach Your Wedding Fitness Goals

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You have probably heard a lot of talk about meal prepping over the last few years. As its popularity has increased, you might have noticed that many enjoy posting their aesthetically pleasing meal-prepping photos on social media. But what is meal prepping, and should you be participating in it? 

The central idea of meal prepping is scheduling the meals you want for the week ahead. Most will spend a few hours or an afternoon cooking and portioning the food they need for each meal. For example, if you prep ten meals (5 lunches and 5 dinners), you will not have to do any cooking during your work week. The food is then stored in meal-prepping containers, some of which will remain in the fridge while the rest will be frozen to avoid spoilage. 

Not only is meal prepping a HUGE time-saver throughout the week, but it also comes with loads of health and financial benefits. 

Keeps You Aligned with Your Diet 

One of the best things about meal prepping is that it keeps you on your planned diet. There will be no more excuses about “being too tired to cook.” Don’t get me wrong, we all experience days when we are just too exhausted even to fathom the idea of making a proper meal. Fortunately, with meal prepping, popping the already prepared meal into a microwave or oven is the most work you’ll have to do. 

Another reason meal prepping is essential is that it lets you easily track your macros. With already measured portions, you can rest assured that your nutritional macros are meeting your goals. 

Helps with Portion Control 

Not only are your macros already determined, but so are your portion sizes. Portion control is one of the highly desired outcomes of meal prepping. This is because it can be a highly effective way to promote weight loss or gain or help maintain your current weight, depending on your personal goals. 

With meal prepping, you will never need to estimate portion size, macros, or calories; you will always have an accurate measurement. 

It Saves You TONS of Money 

Prepping your meals in advance isn’t just good for your health goals but also benefits your wallet! When you are meal prepping, you buy all your ingredients in bulk which is naturally more affordable than buying in smaller quantities. Not to mention the amount of money you save when you decide to eat at home instead of using the convenience of fast food or takeout. 

Keep It Simple 

We discussed why you SHOULD build meal-prepping habits; now it’s time to teach you HOW to so you can reap all the benefits. My first recommendation is to keep the meals your prep simple and affordable. 

Keep in mind that you will be preparing a large amount of food simultaneously, so you don’t want to prep something overly complicated. One-pot recipes are a great starting point!

Stick to a Schedule 

The best way to build healthy habits is to create a schedule that works for you and stick to it! For some, this might look like planning on Fridays, shopping on Saturdays, and prepping your food on Sundays. 

It doesn’t matter what days you choose to do your planning, shopping, and prepping as long as it stays consistent and aligns with your desired eating schedule. 

My Latest Release 

To help you meal prep even easier, I have created a book, The Bridal Body Cookbook, which includes all my favorite recipes. With over 350 recipes, you can find something from breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even dessert while remaining within the lines of your nutrition goals. 

One of the HUGE bonuses that come along with my most recent book release is that meal planning templates are included. These templates are universal and help you stay organized from the beginning of your new bridal nutrition experience so you can implement a healthy eating schedule you’ll enjoy right away! Another exciting bonus is that you will get all of my seasonal meal plans! Three weeks of fully planned out meals for every season of the year. I know you’ll love these plans. They’ll make life easier by helping you plan ahead so meal prepping can be a breeze.

Come visit my store so you can purchase your copy of The Bridal Body Cookbook and get off on the right foot in your meal planning journey. 

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