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How Stress Impacts Your Weight Loss Journey

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Juggling wedding planning with work while trying to find quality time to spend with your fiance and friends is not an easy thing to do. While some people say diamonds are made under pressure, stress can have negative effects on your health. We’ve all heard about how it can cause mental exhaustion, but how does it impact your body, and what can you do to shake the stress away? Let’s jump into it.

Stress and Weight Gain

You guessed it, too much stress can physically change your body! For some people, this means they lose weight, but for the majority of us, we start to notice the scale going up bit by bit. When we get overwhelmed, our bodies enter fight or flight mode, releasing a bunch of cortisol to give you a boost of energy. This is great for survival, but when it happens, it makes our bodies crave sweet, salty, and fatty foods that usually have a high-calorie count. 

Ways to Reduce Stress Levels

When I’m feeling down, it’s incredibly tempting to curl up on the couch with my favorite comfort food. Some days that’s exactly what ends up happening but over the years, I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks that I’d like to share with you!

Take Deep Breaths

Practicing mindfulness with a few slow breaths is a great way to calm your mind and find your balance.

Make an Exercise Routine

Releasing endorphins doesn’t only feel great but can make an amazing impact on your physical health. Try adding my wedding workout program into your daily routine to get yourself ready to tackle the day!

Take a Nature Break

Take a break to go for a stroll, take a hike, lay by the pool, or even just sit in your backyard and enjoy the sunshine. Getting some fresh air is one of my favorite ways to take my mind off things and regain focus.

Make Time For You

What makes you feel happy? This could be anything from going out for a cup of coffee, starting a new book, listening to your favorite music, or binge-watching Netflix! Do whatever it is that helps you decompress and enjoy yourself!

Final Thoughts

It’s time to shake it off, shake it off! Yes, that was a Taylor Swift reference but what can I say, it’s a super catchy song! Those were some of my go-to strategies, but there are plenty of ways to reduce stress while planning a wedding. If you’re looking for some guidance, send me a message. We are all in this together!

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