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How to Get Fit at Work Without Breaking a Sweat

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Did you know that we spend over 6.5 hours sitting every single day? From the moment we get to work, we’re glued to the chair for hours answering emails, taking zoom meetings, and working away on crossing off everything on our to-do list. And while you might think that you’ll have the energy for a quick workout out session after work – we all know that sometimes, that is just not going to happen. If you’re finding it hard to find time to get on your mat, you’re in the right place. Let’s mix things up a bit and get you moving while rocking that 9 to 5 grind!

Why is it important?
Being active – that’s when we thrive. Our bodies were built for movement yet it’s getting harder and harder for us all to give our bodies the attention they deserve. Sitting at your desk for too long is not only uncomfortable but can also weaken your bones and muscles, reduce blood circulation, and lower your energy levels. I know these don’t sound too good but, not all hope is lost!

Loosen Up
Okay, you might be thinking – Stephanie I don’t have time to squeeze in crunches mid-day! That’s okay! The answer is as simple as standing up and walking to grab a cup of coffee from the kitchen. The trick is to get up and move around at least every hour. Set an alarm and stick to it. Whether it’s to get a snack, talk to your co-worker or do a quick lap around the block, anything that gets you up from the desk will do.

Now, if you can spare a couple of more minutes here and there, this one’s for you. Here are a couple of great exercises that you can do while at work. Being at your desk all day is quite hard on your lower body. To work on your hamstrings and glutes, try doing several sets of reverse or lateral lunges. To target your upper body, try arm circles or a shoulder and chest opening stretch. To do the second, find a doorway and place your forearm on one side. Take a step forward until you feel a gentle stretch through your chest and shoulder area. Repeat on the other side and you’re good to go!

If you’re looking to focus on relieving tension from a particular spot, my workout plans are for you. Personalized to fit every body, my goal is to help you find your glow and feel your best! Set up a call to chat about how a custom wedding workout plan can help you reach your goals (even if you sit at a desk all day!).

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