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Meet #STFbride Grace!

Hello, loves!

My ultimate goal is for you to feel stronger, more empowered, and confident during your wedding fitness and nutrition journey—and beyond.

Meet Steph


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The Bridal Body Workout Guide

Today we are highlighting Grace’s wedding prep journey! Learn about her wedding details, fun facts about her, and her STF fitness experience! Get ready to be INSPIRED by this amazing lady!

About your wedding

Where did you get married?
Mallard’s Croft in Byhalia, MS

What was your first dance song?
Can’t Help Falling in Love by Elvis Presley

What was the best food at your wedding?
White Mac ‘n Cheese

Who would be your dream wedding guest?
The entire cast of Will and Grace

What was the best wedding gift you received?
Luggage! I know it’s cliche, but it’s something I never would have bought for us because $$$ but now we have 3 beautiful pieces 

What are your honeymoon plans?
Gatlinburg in the middle of fall

Tell us about you!

What’s your favorite Netflix show that you’ve watched in the past six months?
The Circle!

What was the last book you read?
The 3rd book in the Bidgerton series – HIGHLY recommend!

What’s your favorite holiday?
New Years

What do you do for a living?
I’m a CRM Specialist! AKA I build email campaigns 

What are your top three hobbies?
Reading, playing video games, walking through our favorite historic neighborhood in town and going to our favorite coffee shop and book store

Tell me about your furry kids!
I have 2 white cats – Banksy and Nimbus. On my 23rd birthday I went to the shelter to get a cat and walked out with a momma and her baby that they wouldn’t separate!

Share your STF experience

What fitness apps or programs were you using (if any) before you discovered STF? 
There was a yoga app I used for a little while and then MyFitnessPal was what I used whenever I got on the calorie-counting wagon

How has STF bridal fitness made you feel about your body?
My body / how I looked used to be the #1 thought on my mind every day. I worried about it, fretted over clothes and avoided looking in mirrors. Now, it’s barely ever a thought. I wear clothes without thinking about it and happily walk around a room with confidence!

How did STF bridal fitness affect your wedding day?
I owned the room. It had been a long long time since I’d been fit enough and confident enough to own any room but man, on my wedding day I killed it!!

What was your favorite part of wedding fitness training?
My favorite part of wedding fitness training was realizing for the first time in my adult life that I have control over my health and fitness. The type of training she lined up for me every day sparked a passion for exercising I didn’t think I had in me!

What made you decide to start training with Stephanie? 
I was looking for someone who I could trust to tell me exactly what I needed to do to start feeling better about my health and fitness. As someone in Marketing, her branding looped me in but after one conversation with her I knew this was someone who I could trust! 

What fitness goals have you reached with STF?
I have asthma and so does Stephanie so that was a focus area for us. I’m now running almost every day and I NEVER thought that would be possible for me! My whole family can’t believe it when I go to visit them and strap on my shoes to go for a run. 

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome during training? How did you overcome it?
There were several hurdles such as spurts of low energy, nutrition while traveling, and running with asthma but Stephanie helped me through each and every one of them. When the wedding was almost here, I got very overwhelmed and couldn’t seem to calm my mind down and all of her recommendations were life savers. 

Get in touch with Steph to learn how she can help you reach your wedding fitness goals!

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