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My #1 Tip for a Strong and Sculpted Core

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Whether you’re busy planning fun summer vacations or planning your dream wedding, squeezing in quick and effective workouts can be an important part of your training plan.

And if you are looking to sculpt your abs, the good news is that you can work your abdominal workouts in almost any type of workout! I like doing this by actively focusing on strengthening my core in every single workout I do.

Building a solid core is sooo important because it supports you in everything you do on a daily basis, not just during your workouts. Core strength is crucial in every movement you do and you’ll become stronger in every other part of your body.

In addition to strength, here are just some of the benefits of a strong core:

  • Better posture

  • Improved balance

  • Reduced pain

  • A healthy back

  • Supports good walking and running form

  • Improved self-esteem!

When you think of your core, you might naturally think of your “six-pack” muscles. But your core includes so much more than your six-pack muscles! In addition to all the abdominal muscles, your core also includes your pelvic floor muscles and your back muscles. So, you might guess that the best core exercises aren’t simple crunches or sit-ups.

To make sure you are working your core muscles in every exercise, you want to make sure you’re properly engaging your abdominal muscles (it’s more than just “sucking in” your stomach).

To engage your core, imagine that you are bracing for a sucker punch right to your stomach. Rather than sucking in your stomach, you are going to breathe deeply and tighten your abdominal muscles. Your core should feel really strong and tight when you do this. Try out this trick before your next workout and let me know how you feel!

Here are some of my favorite exercises for core strengthening:

Side Plank Dips

Start in a low side plank position with your shoulder directly above your elbow. Dip your hips down to the ground, then lift them high. Squeeze at the top.

Russian Twists

Begin in boat pose, twist to one side, and touch your elbow to the ground. Twist to the other side.

Straight Leg Bicycle Crunches

Slowly extend left arm and right leg. Twist from your core and hold for one second before rotating to the other side.

Now remember that your strong core is revealed through proper nutrition (I know, it’s the tough part for me too) so focus on eating a clean, balanced diet. If you need some delicious meal ideas, download my FREE 5-Day Bridal Nutrition Plan!

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