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Six Simple Ways To Eat Better at Home

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One big adjustment this last year has brought into many of our lives is the amount of time that we are spending inside our houses.

 Working from home, limitations on social gatherings and outings, and/or having our children home from school have all been BIG changes.

 As I’ve adjusted to the challenges – and perks! – of working from home, I realized that my snacking, meal consistency and just healthy eating overall were being impacted.

 Not having a regular schedule, sometimes feeling bored or restless in the house, and having easy access to the kitchen at all times can be challenging when it comes to weight management,

 Here are six simple tips to make eating healthier at home doable!

 ✔️ Don’t set up your workstation in or near the kitchen.

 Working in such close proximity to your fridge and pantry creates easy and overly convenient access to snacks that you don’t need.

✔️ Determine why you may be snacking more than usual.

 Is it boredom? Stress? Restlessness? Identify what emotion is causing you to want to reach for that bag of treats and then choose an alternative action – like taking a quick stretch break or walk around the house.

✔️ Plan your snack/meal times.

 Schedule when you will take your lunch break the same way that you would if you were at the office. Plan an afternoon snack break. And make sure you actually eat!

 The schedule will prevent you from overeating as well as forgetting to eat during the day and then eating too much later to compensate.

✔️ Don’t multitask when you eat.

Don’t eat your lunch or snacks while you continue to work. Distraction prevents us from paying attention to how much we are consuming and/or when we feel full. When it is time for a food break – actually take a break and enjoy your food.

✔️ Portion your snacks before eating.

Pour snacks into a bowl instead of eating out of the bag or box so that you can determine and control the portion size.

✔️ Limit your purchase of junk food.

If you don’t have it, you can’t eat it. That being said, we all enjoy a treat from time to time! Keep your snacks – especially unhealthy ones – out of sight so that you won’t be tempted to eat them whenever you see them.

What tips and tricks have you found useful for staying healthy at home? Comment below!

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