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The PERFECT Guide to Building Muscle as a Woman

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So, you are interested in building muscle but unsure where to start? Don’t worry; in this article, I will go over all the important information you need to know about building muscle as a woman. With a bit of guidance, you can begin building strength and shaping your figure. 

To start, I want to note that contrary to widespread belief, building muscle doesn’t make you bulk, nor is it impossible if you are a woman. Secondly, building muscle takes patience, dedication, and proper exercise and nutrition. 

Strength Training

When beginning your muscle-building journey, you must ensure that you utilize the right exercise techniques. Cardio is NOT going to be effective at building muscle; in fact, it often results in muscle loss.

To build muscle, you want to focus on exercises like 

  • Weighted Squats
  • Weighted lunges
  • Planks
  • Bicep Curls
  • Dips
  • Rows
  • Pull-ups/push-ups
  • Bench press 

These exercises help break down your existing muscle, so your body is motivated to grow it back even bigger and stronger. However, increasing your muscle mass relies on more than strength training; you must also eat correctly. Think of it this way, building muscle requires carbs, protein, and CALORIES. Without enough of them, you won’t see drastic changes. 

Nutrition Guide for Muscle Building

Before we dive into the specific, let’s have a quick review of what the terms calorie deficit, calorie maintenance, and calorie surplus means. 

  • Calorie Deficit: When in a calorie deficit or are consuming LESS calories than you are burning throughout the day, or you are burning MORE calories than you are consuming throughout the day. 
  • Calorie Maintenance: Calorie maintenance is when the number of calories burned and consumed is the SAME throughout the day. 
  • Calorie Surplus: When in a calorie surplus or are consuming MORE calories than you are burning throughout the day, or you are burning LESS calories than you are consuming throughout the day. 

Note: A calorie surplus is the ONLY way you will be able to build muscle since building muscle takes a lot of energy.


Protein is the building block of muscle growth. It has been shown to support the development and maintenance of tissue. So, it is no wonder that increasing the amount you ingest is essential when you are trying to build muscle. 

How much should you be consuming? The rule of thumb is to build muscle in a 1:1 ratio. This means you should eat roughly 1 gram of protein per 1 pound of body weight. 


Carbohydrates are equally important to consume when trying to build muscle. Carbs are our bodies’ FAVORITE source of energy, and building muscle takes A LOT of energy from our bodies. Strength training uses up our energy source quicker, and so does the muscle recovery process. 

How many carbs should you eat each day? It is usually recommended that your diet consists of 45-60% carbohydrates when strength training. For more accurate results, you can use an online calculator.

The Bottom Line

Remember, ladies, building muscle and increasing your overall strength takes time and consistency. So, continue to eat right, train your different muscle groups, and be patient, and you will start to see results and changes to your figure!

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