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The Workout Not-to-do List

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The Bridal Body Workout Guide

When you turn to the internet for help, you’ll find a never-ending list of things you need to do to get into shape. Scrolling Pinterest for fitness inspiration can be fun but reading everyone’s contradicting opinions can be incredibly confusing. Suddenly you’re cleaning out your kitchen, learning new habits, and adopting a whole new lifestyle that is strange and unfamiliar. The bottom line is it’s too much all at once. That’s why I’ve toned it all down into a short and sweet not-to-do workout list.

Don’t Wait till You’re in the Mood

It is so easy to say “not today” when you don’t feel like exercising. I know how hard it is to start moving, but the truth is getting on the mat can make a huge difference. Even if your workout is shorter than usual or slower-paced – that’s okay! The important thing is you showed up and chose to put yourself first.

Avoid Looking at Your Phone

If you’re in the middle of working out, put your phone on mute, I repeat, put it on muteee! While it’s tempting to check your notifications and find out who liked your Instagram photo or what new video is trending on TikTok, this time is all about you. This means no texts, no calls, and no social media!

Don’t Forget Rest Days

Taking the time to recharge is the only way to move forward. Unwind, take a bath, treat yourself to a delicious fresh juice, whatever it is that makes you happy – do it! Your body needs to rest, recover, and prepare for your next training session. That’s why if you want an effective workout routine that gives you results and a body that’s ready to take on the world make sure to take at least 1-2 days off every week.

Creating a balanced workout routine is not about finding an approach that works for everyone but about setting up one that is right for you. While these tips are a great start on things to avoid, this is only the beginning. If you join one of my programs, you will not only get personalized workout content but we will also touch base on how to keep you feeling confident beyond the mat.

Now let’s go for it! Connect with me on social to tell me how you’re doing!

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