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Top Bridal Beauty Secrets to Get You Ready For the Big Day

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Is the idea of getting ready for your wedding stressing you out? When you’re prepared, your hair and makeup routine feels like a breeze. However, when things get pushed to the last minute, that’s when things tend to get a little messy. We don’t want that! To create a relaxing experience where you and your bridesmaids end up looking and feeling your best, here are my top bridal beauty tips.

Schedule a Trial Run

Practice makes perfect! Make sure to squeeze in a trial run with your hair and makeup artist before the big day. Sitting down together ahead of time will allow you to get a feel for each other’s energy, play around with different styles, and decide on a look that makes you glow with confidence.

Start with the Hair

Don’t know what to start with? The answer is simple, your hair! With all the hairspray and styling products flying around, you want to be able to quickly cleanse your face before starting your makeup. On that note, a hot styling tip is to hairspray the bobby pins to make sure your hair stays up all night long!

Plan for the Season

Here’s an important question, what season are you getting married in? Whether it’s hot or cold, inside or out, it’s super important to tailor your makeup to the elements to stay camera-ready all night long.

Pack a Backup Kit

Between enjoying dinner and drinks, dancing your heart out, and maybe slipping a tear or two, you might need a little touch-up! Pack a couple of blotting papers, some translucent powder, and lipstick to sidestep any make-up emergencies that might come up.

Avoid Trying New Products

The day of your wedding is not the time to switch up your routine! Go for your trusted toner and moisturizer to avoid irritating your skin.

Bypass Washing Your Hair

This might sound odd but washing your hair the day of actually makes it more difficult to style! Most professionals encourage brides to come in with hair that is at least a day or two old to make it easier for the magic to happen.

Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Up

Last but not least, don’t be afraid to speak up. If you’re working with professionals or have your friends helping out, don’t forget that your voice matters! It’s your wedding day; you deserve to feel confident with every step you take.

Are you looking for more wedding tips? Whether it’s wedding workout programs, meal plans for brides, or general advice for planning your big day, head on over to my blog for content you won’t want to miss!

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