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Wedding Photography Tips for Couples So You Can Love Your Wedding Photos Forever

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Being a lasting memory of the day and with so much investment – not only money but also time, you’ll want to ensure your wedding photos are everything you wanted and more. Not only will your photographer be taking photos of you as a couple and documenting the day but they’ll also be capturing each little detail you’ve thoughtfully put together over the past few months. There are going to be no second chances getting these right so I’ve put together the photography tips that’ll help you get the best out of your photographs for years to come.

Your Prep

Your first set of images on the day will likely be of your wedding prep and whether you are getting ready at your venue, your house, or your parent’s house, cluttered images do not make for good photographs. So make sure you tidy up and that the rooms are as clear of extra “stuff” as possible – removing all of the non-essentials. This way your photographer can really concentrate on you and capture the emotions during the wedding day.

Also, make sure you set aside enough time to get ready so that there’s time for your photographer to capture some images of both of your wedding preparations. If you’ll be traveling to the venue from wherever it is that you’ve gotten ready, leave with time to spare so you can compose yourself, soak in the moment, and have a few extra images just before you walk down the aisle.


You may have heard of ‘unplugged’ ceremonies or weddings before. And if you’re having an unplugged ceremony, you want to make sure you communicate it to your guests and that they know what it means. An unplugged ceremony is when you ask your guests to not take photos during the ceremony or other parts of the day. It enables them to really be in the moment for your special moments but also ensures that your photographer is able to get unblocked shots of those key moments for your wedding album. These usually happen when you are both walking down the aisle and you have guests leaning into the aisle to get their own photographs.

Unfortunately, this sometimes means that the shot is blocked and there’s not really another opportunity to capture that particular moment again. Consider telling your guests that there will be opportunities to take their own photos at specific times, such as signing the register or after the I do’s. Some couples even ask their guests to not post any photos online until the day after their wedding – enabling their evening guests to enjoy all the moments of the wedding. Let your guests relax and be present during the day as your photographer captures beautiful moments for you to remember your special day.

Couple Shots

Schedule some shots and capture those romantic moments by getting away just the two of you and enjoying some time together. Whether you schedule this to be just after your ceremony and on the way to the reception venue or whether you do this after your group formal photographs – it’s up to you and how you want your day to flow. This will enable you to have some alone time as a newly married couple before all of the hustle and bustle of the day, enjoy some private moments and really let your commitment to one another sink in. It’s also a good idea to go out together at end of the day as you’ll get some stunning sunset photos. You’ll likely feel more relaxed and comfortable with your photographer by this point of the day, and the light fading away makes for beautiful images.

Group Shots

If you are having group wedding day shots, ensure you plan ahead and give your photographer a list so that nothing gets missed out. Many photographers will ask you for your ‘must have pictures’ before the wedding day so take note of which group pictures you want and let your ushers have a copy ahead of the wedding day so they are able to help round up bodies. It’s much easier for you to plan your bigger group shots early so that you can have more time for everything else. Another great tip is to have this scheduled as part of your wedding day and make sure you allow everyone who wants a photo to participate. Let them know who’s needed, when, and where that way you’ll have more time to enjoy the pictures and get to your reception faster!

Trust Your Photographer

You will have likely spent many hours searching through countless photographers and their work to find yours and you booked them ultimately because you liked them and their work. So, trust their judgment! Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in wanting everything to be perfect on the day but trust their creativity, allow them to work in their own zone of genius, and trust that the result will be beautiful images for you to cherish.

You’ve seen their portfolio and what they can do and you’ve booked them for a reason. Listen to their instructions and although it may seem a bit unnatural for you to pose a certain way, the result on camera is likely to be beautiful and possibly your favorite image!

Note: To ensure you get all the shots you want, create a Pinterest board with all your must-have shots and share it with your photographer before your wedding day. Clearly communicate that these are your must-have photos for your wedding day and they will make it happen for you!

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful! Choosing your photographer and getting your photos done is such a special time. I truly hope you enjoy every moment so you can have photos you’ll treasure for the rest of your life.

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