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What Makes Bridal Fitness Different?

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If you’re getting married in the near future, you’ve probably considered a bridal fitness plan to prepare for your big day. While some regular fitness programs could be beneficial to you, it is important that you understand what sets apart a bridal fitness program from others and how it could be just the thing to help you reach your wedding fitness goals.

So what makes bridal fitness different?

One of my favorite things about bridal fitness is that it focuses on what you need to feel beautiful on your big day — not just physically, but also mentally. It helps you build strength from within so that even when you’re stressed out by last-minute details or overwhelmed by family drama, you’ll still feel confident about how well things are going. This is critical for keeping yourself grounded on the big day and having your perfect, dream wedding.

It’s goal-oriented.

Unlike most exercise programs, bridal fitness has a clear endpoint: the wedding day. That gives you something to work toward as you stick with your regimen — and it’s something you’ll direct your attention to every day as you continue to improve. That’s some serious motivation!

(This is not to say that your efforts stop on your wedding day; most brides stick with their training plans after their big day because they want to continue looking and feeling their best!)

It’s tailored to your needs.

The best bridal fitness programs are personalized so they will help you achieve your specific goals — whether that means shedding some pounds or toning up in time for the big day. In any case, these programs are designed primarily with a single person in mind (you!), and they’re not just one-size-fits-all plans that may or may not be suitable for your body type and needs.

It’s more than just how you’ll look in your dream wedding dress.

Getting in shape for your wedding is about more than just looking good in a dress… although that’s certainly an important part of it. It’s also about feeling amazing from within, having the energy and stamina to make it through those long days leading up to the big event and the confidence to walk down the aisle with a smile on your glowing face.

To make this happen, STF bridal fitness encourages brides to develop a fitness routine that will help them achieve their personal goals while they focus on reducing stress and staying present throughout the wedding planning process. 

The STF Approach

Your wedding is a happy, joyous occasion. And the fitness aspect should be no different. (If you’re like me, you’ve been dreaming about this day your whole life!)

My goal is to help you achieve yours AND to help you enjoy the process.

STF bridal fitness plans are designed from top to bottom with you in mind. These are exercises that will help you build the body you’ve always dreamed of for your special day. (Beautiful, sculpted arms anyone?!) When it comes to your wedding, nothing should come between you and feeling your absolute best.

My approach to fitness is what makes bridal fitness training truly different from regular workouts. I’ve tried almost every workout program out there, so with trial and error and working with women over the years, I know what works and doesn’t work. So I’ve done the hard work for you. Getting married is stressful enough without worrying about calories and spending hours in the gym. And getting in shape shouldn’t be complicated or intimidating.

My expertise has allowed me to create the most effective, personalized program for brides who are looking to look their best on their wedding day.

The workout plans incorporate exercises that really lean out the major muscle groups and help achieve the toned bridal look that many brides want. They’re created specifically for women with the bride’s goals in mind. 

In addition to the workouts, a huge part of the STF bridal fitness approach is to get results the healthy way. I don’t believe in quick fixes or fad diets/workouts because they simply don’t work and can harm your body in the long run. I love helping brides develop a healthy mindset around fitness and nutrition so you can easily incorporate it into your daily schedule. The workouts don’t take forever because I know how busy you are! With bridal fitness, you’ll learn how to fit fitness into your current lifestyle and make positive changes that will last well beyond the honeymoon.

Let’s get this journey started!

While before reading this article it might have seemed like all fitness is the same and therefore interchangeable, it’s important to remember that there is something truly special about STF bridal fitness that cannot be replicated anywhere else. If you’re planning your wedding day and want to get in shape for it, a bridal fitness plan is exactly what you need.

If you’re ready to get started, apply for a custom wedding workout program, I’m just a message away!

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