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Why You Need a Wedding Workout Plan

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My ultimate goal is for you to feel stronger, more empowered, and confident during your wedding fitness and nutrition journey—and beyond.

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The Bridal Body Workout Guide

Have you ever walked into the gym and headed straight towards the cardio machine? I know that I have. At the very beginning of my journey, I didn’t know what proper form was, how to use the machines, the number of reps I should do, or even what exercises target what muscle groups.

Random workouts from YouTube can be fun but without a proper workout plan in place, it’s super easy to get sidetracked. Or worse, waste time not really working towards your wedding fitness goals. That is one of the many reasons why I am such a huge advocate for women’s workout programs but to see the rest you’ll have to keep scrolling!

Establishes Goals

If you’re reading this blog, you’re here with a mission! A bridal fitness trainer will help set healthy goals and encourage you to reach those milestones. Whether it’s weekly or monthly, you’ve got this! My purpose is for us to build lifelong habits together that will leave you feeling and looking your best long after the wedding is over. 

Sets the Right Pace

Working with a bridal fitness trainer is all about finding the sweet spot. It helps prevent undertraining as well as overtraining, making sure your body is challenged without overwhelming you. No more worrying if you are working the right muscles or overdoing cardio – I’ve got you!

Creates Structure 

Stepping on your mat is one piece of the puzzle. I’ve had many brides come to me frustrated about how they’ve tried doing it on their own but are not seeing the results that they want. Working with a wedding fitness trainer helps creates a plan and structure for your routine. Together we’ll review all the exercises you’ll be doing and run through how many sets are needed for each move.

Incorporates a Nutrition Plan

A solid wedding nutrition program is absolutely key leading up to your wedding. Fitness, food, and mental health are not three separate things but are all interconnected. To find a good balance and a plan catered to you, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Leaves You Glowing

Let’s be honest, working out will leave you feeling sweaty but once you’ve hit the shower, it’s all about the afterglow. With a workout plan and an online trainer right by your side, I know that you can achieve your wedding fitness goals!

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