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A Quick Guide to Completing a Wedding Workout Plan in 3 Months

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The Bridal Body Workout Guide

You glance at the calendar and notice that there are only 3 months left until your wedding day. You are instantly filled with excitement and nervousness all at once—that is when it hits you. You haven’t even begun to get in shape for your big day! 

Don’t let the panic stop you from trying because there is still SO much time to get yourself the bridal body you have been dreaming of. Is completing a wedding workout plan in 3 months ideal? Probably not. However, it is possible, and I am going to teach you how! 

Meal Prep for Your 3-Month Wedding Workout Plan 

If you are going to build a bridal body in 3 months, meal prepping is going to be your best friend. Start by looking at your diet and what changes you can make today. This could mean creating a week-by-week meal plan—maybe you even shop for the first week today! 

Keep in mind that you need to make sure you are still fueling your body and not practicing unhealthy and restricting diet habits. You should stick to meals with lean protein, carbs, vegetables, and healthy fats. For example, scrambled eggs and whole wheat toast are great breakfast ideas. You can have a protein shake or even some hummus for a snack! When dinner rolls around, try some blackened salmon tacos

Need some help building a nutritional plan that supports your wedding workout plan? Check out my FREE Bite-Sized Bridal Nutritional Guide to help you start today! 

Create a Sustainable Wedding Workout Plan 

You may feel like you have to exercise vigorously for the next 90 days, but I am here to tell you that you don’t and shouldn’t! Don’t get me wrong, completing a successful wedding workout plan in 3 months and achieving that bridal body you want will take some hard work! However, putting too much physical stress on your body will just slow your progress down in the long run. 

Before you even have a chance to hit that three-month mark, you will burn out, cause injuries, and probably even give up. However, if you create a sustainable plan for yourself and your lifestyle, you will see results before your wedding day! And the goal is for you to want to continue your fitness plan even after your big day because you love how you look and FEEL.

Implement Self-Care Practices 

You shouldn’t only focus on fitness’s physical and nutritional parts. With any wedding workout plan comes the need for self-care practices. The next three months are going to be incredibly challenging. Not only are you on a fitness journey, but you also have last-minute wedding planning to do! So, cut yourself some slack and sit back and relax between workout sessions. I promise that you will get tangible results without working out 24/7! 

Join our Signature Wedding Workout Program, Bridal Body Fitness

You can’t do everything by yourself; it is okay to ask for help. If you do not know where to start or are unsure that you can hold yourself accountable, sign up for my signature wedding workout program! The Bridal Body Fitness program can provide the support, guidance, and push you to need to look your best in that beautiful white dress! 

My program offers a 3-month wedding workout plan that helps you achieve REAL results. What can you expect from my program? Well, here are some of my favorite highlights 

✓ It is a FULLY effective online program run by me, a certified nutrition and fitness coach. 

✓ The program targets the whole body with both cardio and strength-training workouts. 

✓ Very little equipment is needed! Dumbbells are the only essentials.

✓ You will have the chance to complete the program alongside your own small group of other brides who are also on their 3-month wedding workout plan journey! 

Are you interested in Bridal Body Fitness? Then, head to my site and sign up to start sculpting the perfect bridal body today with my 3-month wedding workout plan! 

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