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Core Workout Secrets That Give Results

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The Bridal Body Workout Guide

Ab workouts can be dreadful. There, I said it, so you don’t have to!

Every week I have brides-to-be come to me asking:

  • Why is working your core so important?
  • If I try to squeeze in quick ab workouts every day am I guaranteed to see results?
  • How often do I need to do ab exercises?

I absolutely love it when I get these questions. Knowing a bit of background context about why I recommend them as a bridal fitness trainer is so important for achieving your goals.

Do you have the same questions? Here are my answers:

Why Core Workouts Are Important

Did you know that the benefits of core workouts go way beyond sculpting a 6-pack? People often talk about abs as an aesthetic, but your core is your body’s entire foundation. Core strength is essential to safely and effectively do all your exercises. Not to mention dedicating time each week will not only help tone your stomach but will also improve your balance, posture and even prevent lower back problems.

How Muscles Are Built

We all know the saying, too much of anything is never good and that holds true for ab workouts. Working them out every day can push you backwards. Here’s why.

When you exercise, you create tiny tears that signal your brain to repair your muscles while simultaneously increasing their growth. The catch is, no rest, no progress. Recovery time is absolutely non-negotiable.

How Often Should You Train Abs

Okay, so we’ve established that your core is essential, and working it out all the time is a no-go, so how many sessions a week do you need to spend on it? The answer is about 2 – 3 days. The trick is to go about your routine and leave them for the end of your workout so you don’t get tired early on.

My favorite tips for you are to focus on quality over quantity, add resistance when possible, switch up your ab routine to target different areas, and most importantly, don’t forget to rest!

What Comes Next?

Moving your body is an essential step to reaching your goals, but it is not the only one. Can you guess what the others are? Take a look at some of my other blog posts about my wedding workout program, and let me know what you think they might be!

Want to know more about how to get a tight core PLUS my favorite ab exercises? Grab your FREE guide!

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