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How to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Fitness Goals 

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Whether you have just begun your fitness journey or are years into it, there will be times that you find yourself struggling to stay motivated. Consistency is highly important when achieving your workout goals, which can be a huge mental barrier for many people. 

Fortunately, meeting your goals and creating new ones becomes easier once you overcome these mental barriers. Therefore, I am here to provide you with a few of my favorite tips and tricks to stay motivated throughout your fitness journey! 

Form a Support Group 

Sometimes, holding yourself accountable is difficult. That is why it’s always a good idea to form a support group to help push you in the right direction. 

Inform your friends and family about your workout plans and ask them for guidance when you feel discouraged. Your support group can encourage you to stay motivated despite struggling. 

If you are eager to find a community that is supportive and encouraging, I would personally like to invite you to join my free Facebook group. This group is intended to be a safe place where you can learn about everything fitness, ask questions, and make friends working towards a healthier lifestyle. 

 Keep Track of Your Progress 

It can take a while until you see visible results in the mirror, so keeping note of your progress is essential to maintaining motivation. However, it is also important to remember that improvement lies far beyond losing weight. You should keep track of progress such as: 

  • • Amount of days a week you stuck with your workout plan 
  • • How you have increased your water intake and decreased your processed food intake 
  • • How you FEEL mentally and physically 

Having reminders of your progress will help you stay motivated. 

Include Rest Days into Your Fitness Plan 

Overworking yourself to achieve your goals faster will only lead to burnout and hinder your recovery. If you push your body and mind too far past their limits, you will have to take a long time off to recover, making getting started again much harder. Losing momentum is an easy mistake to make, which is why rest days are critical to staying motivated. 

Plan to take 1-2 rest days a week where you allow your body to heal and implement other acts of self-care in place of exercise. During these rest days, maintain following your diet and healthy eating habits to continue fueling your body with the proper nutrients. 

 Hire a Personal Trainer  

At the beginning of this article, we discussed finding a support group to keep us motivated. Another example of a healthy support group is hiring a personal trainer or fitness coach 

A personal trainer or coach can create achievable goals and contribute motivation throughout your fitness journey. This push of inspiration may be increasingly important to those anxious or unsure where to start.

Stephaine Thomas- Bridal Fitness Coaching 

I am a certified fitness coach who specializes in helping brides, bridesmaids, and the mother-of-the-bride meet their fitness goals before the wedding day. 

I offer 1:1 coaching sessions designed to create sustainable goals and act as a guide to fulfilling all your health goals. My programs emphasize a training style that is supportive, positive, and motivational. 

With a non-judgmental environment, we can work to eliminate the anxiety and confusion around your fitness goals and form a plan that best suits your needs as an individual. 

Let’s get to work, ladies! 

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