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The Best Wedding Arm Workout Guide 

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The Bridal Body Cookbook

The Bridal Arms Workout Guide

The Bridal Body Workout Guide

When it comes to an excellent bridal workout, focusing on your arms is essential! Every bride hopes to have slimmed and toned arms to show off in their white dresses. So, how do you get the wedding-ready arms you have always dreamed of? Well, you got to work for them! It may not be easy, but with some dedication, consistency, and a solid wedding arm workout plan, you can have your arms looking their best on your big day! 

Start With Your Diet 

A wedding arm workout is not only about the exercise portion. In fact, A LOT of change can be created in the kitchen. One of the best ways to slim your arms before your big day is to eat a healthier diet. If you are trying to lose arm fat, you will have to go into a calorie deficit. 

If you are struggling to know where to start when creating a healthier and more nutritious diet plan, you can check out one of my freebies, A Bite-Sized Bridal Nutrition Plan. I have made the PERFECT diet guide to add to your bridal workout plan! 

Do Light Resistance and Strength Training 

When it comes to toning your arms, you should incorporate light resistance and strength training into your routine. These exercises are great for shedding fat and building muscle, leaving you with beautifully slim and toned arms. For example, add these couple of activities to your wedding arm workout, and I guarantee you’ll see results! 

  • Dumbbell curls 
  • Hammer curls 
  • Triceps kickbacks 
  • Shoulder press/overhead press 
  • Arm-focused yoga poses (Downward dog, upward dog, chaturanga pose, etc.) 

Run or Power Walk 

Another great strategy for a bridal arm workout is to utilize the power of running! Remember how I mentioned the importance of being in a calorie deficit when trying to shed arm weight? Well, running, jogging, or even power walking is sure to burn extra calories and help you get into a daily caloric deficit. So, when considering optimizing your wedding arm workout, don’t forget the results using your legs can bring you! 

Try a Bridal Arm Workout Program  

I saved my BEST for last! If you really want to get your arms “wedding-ready,” consider a professional bridal arm workout plan. With a program designed by a certified fitness coach explicitly made for brides, you can rest assured that you will see fundamental changes in the size and strength of your arms. These 6 easy at-home workouts only take 10 minutes to complete and can help you see tangible results in as little as four weeks. 

Want a sneak peek at what I am talking about? Check out my Bridal Arms Mini Guide. This free download will help you understand where to begin with your wedding arm workout plan! 

The Take-Away 

At the end of the day, getting toned, fit, and wedding-ready arms will take a bit of work and perseverance. However, I TRULY believe you have what it takes to build the bridal body you have always 

dreamed of! Keep pushing toward your fitness goals, and you will soon see significant results! Good luck! 🙂 

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