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What is Metabolism and Why Does It Matter?

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We hear about metabolism all the time when health and fitness are discussed… but do we know what it really is? Today, I’m going to break it down for you!

Metabolism is the process that the body uses to convert food into energy. 

So, YES in order to lose weight, we need to expend MORE energy than we take in.


It is practically impossible to accurately count calories.


Here is why calorie counting alone is faulty:

  • People are not great at eyeballing calories.

  • Food labels can have a % of error.

  • Cooking and preparing foods can alter the calories and nutrients.

  • Energy burned through digestion varies depending on macronutrients.

  • The body burns calories in various ways and every person differs.

  • It is hard to accurately know how many calories we burn when we exercise.

  • Different forms of exercise have different calorie-burning effects.


Your body burns energy in various ways:

  • Basal metabolic rate: the energy used to keep you alive

  • Thermal effect of food: calories used to chew, swallow, churn the stomach, make the acid in the stomach, make the enzymes, etc.

  • Physical activity: exercise

  • Movement: everyday activities


Unfortunately, as we age, our resting metabolic rate naturally goes down. I know it sounds obvious, but one thing we need to keep in mind is that every BODY is different. One size doesn’t fit all and there is always more to the story.

Everybody processes, absorbs, and uses food differently… also known as our metabolism.

Plus, the body is really good at maintaining homeostasis. So, if you are not eating a lot of calories, your body will do whatever it takes to not make you move as much. 

If you have extra energy, you are more likely to get up and run up the stairs or go do a workout.

Everyone’s body is different. It’s important to learn what YOUR body needs in order for your body to function at its most efficient level. 

If you feel like you eat “pretty well” but just can’t seem to get the scale to budge, I invite you to check out my free bridal nutrition guide. I don’t believe in depriving oneself to reach fitness goals and I totally approve of eating delicious carbs like muffins. 

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